Are there any decent christmas pieces???

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by andreww, Oct 14, 2005.

  1. andreww

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    Ok, still only October I know but the festive period is nearly upon us again and I wondered if anyone knew of any decent christmas arrangements or pieces? We're championship section and I cant bear the thought of another year playing santa claustrophobia and festive overture!

    Merry Xmas all!!!
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    At our band rehearsal on Wednesday evening the conductor brought a piece called 'Asway in a manger' It was difficult to play in places, but eh your band is in the championship section - so no worries there :)

    Yvonne x
  3. andreww

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    lol, arranged by who?? who you play with?
  4. vonny

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    Not sure who arranged it, but whoever did as humour... I play with Eagley in Bolton
  5. dyl

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    There are a few threads in our 'Professional Trade Stand' category listing Christmas music, have a look:

    One piece which I'm going to get the band to buy, but haven't heard the band arrangement, is a traditional Austrian carol called "Still, Still, Still" which I heard for the first time being sung by Bryn Terfel at his concert with Andrea Bocelli in Bangor in August (!!!!) this year. It's a gorgeous, simple tune, I just hope the arrangement I've found is any good!
  6. A really good selection piece is Phil Harper's 'Yule Dance'. IT's pretty tricky in places and a decent standard 1st/Champ section band will make it sound great. It's great for percussion and the audience will love it - give it a go!! Available from Wright and Round

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    Nothing springs to mind at the moment except the usual cheesy stuff that gets dusted of every year.

    A guy called Dave Richards was working on an interesting piece last year which combined roughly 35 different carols into a bassline of Pachobel's Cannon. It was very cleverly done and was aimed at 4th section level for the band he was writing for.
    I believe he was developing a version for higher up the sections but ran into copywright issues.
    I hope he has sorted that out as it was a very interesting and promising piece.
  8. DaveR

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    There's a piece of music by Roger Thorne called Jingle Bells Swing (I think) which is excellent. It sounds very effective and once you've got your head around it isn't too difficult. In terms of notation, it isn't written in an authentic swing style (as you would find in a genuine swing band) which makes it look harder than it actually is, which is a bit of a pity.

    There is also an arrangement by David Lancaster of Sans Day Carol which is good - features the baritone in a rare solo, as I recall.

    I also did an arrangement of a lovely Korean Christmas Carol which was published by Accent Music. However, as Accent Music have now closed I don't think that is going to be available any more:( - at least, not this Christmas anyway! I'm not sure where I would stand legally if I were to supply you with a copy of that one at the moment!

  9. Janet Watkins

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    "A Christmas Overture" by John Golland is quite classy.
  10. andreww

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    is that the one that starts wiv muted troms?? think we over played that one too - - some great stuff coming up here, compiling a list to throw at our conductor!!!
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    I love santa claustraphobia its real fun! let it snow is really cheesy but fun & audiences love it, there is a Bill Willis flugel solo version of away in a manger thats good (obviously flugels rule) from MMI! i love crimbo its really fun and the musics easy!:D
  12. andreww

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    oh dear you little festive nutter! I'll have a look at that flugal solo though I dont rate them as highly as you obviously do! x
  13. Straightmute

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    Have a look at Celtic Christmas, Sans Day Carol and Christmas is Coming at

    There's also a new arrangement of ... another well known Christmas song ... for this year!

    Ho ho ho

  14. DaveR

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    Remembered a couple more:

    Frosty the Snowman - needs a good Bass Trom player to do that one justice.
    Dies Natalis (Golland).

  15. andreww

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    think i played dies natalis at another band - well remembered. we did gaudette last year - its ok for the 1st minute but it jus repeats n repeats!
  16. DaveR

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    I love that one - especially Rodney Newton's "Acid Brass" type arrangement of it! Very cool indeed.

  17. andreww

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    we did the version that turns into a rock piece at the end section - maybe try that version then this year!
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  19. WoodenFlugel

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    The arrangement of "who is he?" by I can't remember just now (can anyone help? I can't find this on the net for some reason...), is simply gorgeous. We've also done Personant Hodie (sp!!) which I remember is quite good too. "Frosty" as mentioned is a good arrangement as is the John Golland piece.

    I've always liked Sleigh Ride but I have to say I'm not keen on the brass band version of it - I much prefer the wind band version I used to play in the dim and distant past - ditto Troika too.

    If your feeling brave you could alway give them a quick rendtion of Bram Tovey's Coventry Variations....(well it is based on the Coventry carol....)
  20. Di

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    Who is he : By Benjiman Hanby, arr Richard Philips.

    Is this the one?