Are there any bands near Cheadle, Staffs

Discussion in 'Recruitment Corner' started by andreab, May 17, 2007.

  1. andreab

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    Does anyone know of any bands or music groups that would accommodate a bass-clef-playing trombonist, near to Cheadle in Staffordshire (Alton Towers country?)

    A friend of mine took up trombone a couple of years ago, having previously played saxophone and piano. He's really looking to play Dixie, but has an eclectic taste in music and would be interested in getting experience in any kind of band, including Brass Band.
  2. rcalvert20

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    Ceramic Brass Band

    Hey there,

    Ceramic Brass would love to help to you out. We are a newly formed friendly sociable band based in stoke-on-trent which reherses roughly 10-15mins away from cheadle!! ( i used to live near cheadle!!). We have some really experienced musicans who are always there to help and we would have no problems finding parts for you to play. We are always welcoming new players to our ever growing band and we play all sorts of different music!

    If your interested please don't hesitate to call to get more info! Email me on and i will answer any queries you have and give you my number if you wish to call for a chat. Alternatively just come down for a blow with us on a Friday 7.30pm in Room B211, Brindley Building, Leek Road in Stoke-on-Trent.

    Rachael Calvert:p
    Cornet Player of Ceramic Brass
  3. andreab

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    Thank you Rachael, I'll pass the message on.
  4. steve churchill

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    ceramic brass band is based in longton and can be found on google easily enough. They do have a bass trombonist signed for contesting but would certainly enjoy an extra player as he is sometimes away and needs a dep. the band has an Eb bass player who travels from cheadle & so could probably help a bit with travel if its too far, sharing lifts or whatever
  5. Tunky

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    You could try Stone Town band just 20 minutes away.They are a non contesting band with around 22 players . PM me for details
  6. andreab

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    Hi Steve and Tunky,
    My friend found a non-contesting band in the area that I think he's happy with, but I'll let him know you're there and contact you if he's still looking.

    Steve - congratulations on your Areas result.

  7. ROB C

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    Hi Andrea ,

    As already suggested Stone band would make your friend very welcome and just to add to that thought if you wanted an extra blow to keep the lip in , so to speak , you'd be more than welcome to come along with him.

  8. KenIrvin

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