Are the English Areas split by county boundaries?

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  1. stevetrom

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    Are the English Areas split by strictly county boundaries?

    If they are which counties are in which Area ?

    If they are not how is a band allocated to an Area ?
  2. kierendinno

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    bands are organised according to where the band room is and the areas are strictly split by county boundaries.... i used to play for whitwell and if our band room would have been a mile ip the road we would prob have gone to 2nd sec under Ken Vernon
  3. PeterBale

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    It is true they are quitre strict about borders, but they do not all split according to the County borders, with North Yorkshire bands, for example, competing in the North of England Area to help balance the numbers.
  4. DublinBass

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    But isn't North Yorkshire a county? Thus even though it is a Yorkshire county, the entrie county is in North of England and thus the boundaries are by counties?
  5. ekimmort

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    East Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire Bands have to play in the North of England Areas, they used to play in Yorkshire Areas at Bradford but Bands forced to move to Darlington.
  6. eymsbrassband

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    Even before the reorganisation of the Area boundaries in 1993/1994, there were some strange groupings, in that some Lincolnshire based bands competed at the Yorkshire Areas, whilst other Lincolnshire bands played at the Midlands Areas. Those bands in North Yorkshire played in the Northern Area, so not in recent times have all Yorkshire based bands played at the Yorkshire Area.

    Since the reorganisation, bands from East & North Yorkshire, North & North East Lincolnshire, County Durham, Cleveland, Teesside, Tyne & Wear, Northumberland and Cumbria, have all competed at the North Of England. Though I think there are still some anomalies, in that a couple of bands from North Yorkshire are still in the Yorkshire Area.
  7. Straightmute

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    I don't think that is the case; county boundaries are strictly applied. Skipton Band and South Milford Brass are very close to the West Yorkshire border but are still required to compete in the N of England (though neither are contesting at the moment). Who were you thinking of?


  8. eymsbrassband

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    South Milford was one band that I wasn't sure of - I knew that they weren't competing at the North of England Area - but wasn't sure geographically if they were North or West Yorkshire. And I'm not completely sure of banding in the south west of North Yorkshire.
  9. MR WMS

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    There was a time when N Wales bands competed in another country,so we had to have registration cards and passports at the ready! Mind you the journey did take less time, even in those days.
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    I'm not too sure where you get your details from but as a member of South MIlford Brass Band I can quite honnestly say that we are competing having just won the area for our section in Darlington today and also gaining best Euph and also best solo cornet.
  11. Lauradoll

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    This thread is almost 2 years old, according to the programme I purchased at Darlington today, the band hasn't competed for the last two areas so the facts were actually correct when written...............

    Well done for the win today, well deserved.
  12. goosie baby

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    Well that aint strictly true either, as we have participated in last years area coming 5th, but swings and round abouts. if we don't like the areas we play in at the end of the day it needs to go to the committee not on tmp:clap:
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  14. Lauradoll

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    Ah the programme must be inaccurate then!!
  15. I remember a few years ago when Todmorden Old used to play at the Yorkshire Area's - then they moved the bandroom about 2 miles up the road and then suddenly they were competing in the North West Area.
    It has often been said for a few bands competing close to neighbouring counties/borders that they wish they could move (because they would have better results in a different area!)