are people just stupid!

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by sparkling_quavers, Dec 14, 2004.

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    I got a letter from my car insurance company this morning saying the other party is not responding to the claim I put in and they might have to take it to court. Have they can even comprehend denying they hit my car is beyond me!. It was parked, with 2 of our neighbours witnessing. Infact they only didn't rip off the whole backend of the car because our neighbours shouted 'stop'. It was a delivery vehicle and the guy actually knocked on the door to tell me he had done it. Seems the company must have sacked him and are trying to claim non responsibly. Can't see how it could even get to court as they don't really have a case. Still it wouldn't cost me anything, just an inconvience but it is jsut ridiculous.
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    Standard policy for any transportation company involved in an accident.
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    In 1986, I was in a serious accident when my vehicle was struck on a major highway by a truck. The trucking company stonewalled all requests for information, failed to respond to inquiries from my insurance company. My insurance had to file a legal proceeding just to get the proper information to decide whether to sue. The whole process took months. At the time, I was in a low-paying job while attending school and almost had to drop out because I couldn't get transport to class after work.

    Unfortunately, it seems that businesses on your side of the ocean are trying the same tricks.:-(
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    Well my car is fixed, and my policy covers all the money for the proceedings. The insurance company will have to deal with it all. I can't see what they get out of it, it's just delaying the inevitable.
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    Make sure they do. My insurance company caved in under this kind of pressure and I ended up with a knock-for-knock which was in no way my fault.
    Don't accept anything less than full payment.