Are Jupiter mouthpieces really that bad?

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by xRinat, Mar 15, 2009.

  1. xRinat

    xRinat Member

    I play a Bb Cornet, and I tried using a 7C Jupiter Mouthpiece on my cornet, but then my teacher noticed and told me to switch right away to Denis Wick 3b(The one I used before the jupiter).

    1. Is it bad to use Soprano mouthpieces on Bb cornets?

    2. Are Jupiter Soprano mouthpieces bad to play on?

    3. What should I use as a Soprano player?
  2. GJG

    GJG Well-Known Member

    What you need to understand is that your questions make no sense, because essentially there is no difference between a cornet mouthpiece and a soprano mouthpiece, in the sense that the mouthpiece receivers on Bb and Eb cornets are identical. This is not to say that the rim/cup characteristics of some cornet mouthpieces might be better suited to one instrument rather than the other, however there are no "soprano" 'pieces or "Bb" ' pieces, only "cornet" 'pieces.

    Generally speaking you will find that soprano cornet players tend to use mouthpieces with a shallower cup than those preferred by Bb cornet players, however this is not a hard and fast rule by any means.

    I know nothing about Jupiter mouthpieces as such. If it says 7C on it, then I suspect it will be most likely comparable to a Bach 7C in terms of Rim/Cup dimensions, and as such would be unsuitable for "traditional brass band cornet" type playing, probably producing a harder, brighter sound than most people would think appropriate. (hence your teacher's recommendation)

    Hope that helps.
  3. xRinat

    xRinat Member

    Some people from my band are saying that the sop mouthpieces are only for Eb cornets.. Since I am only 16 years old, I do not have alot experience in these things.
  4. Daisy Duck

    Daisy Duck Member

    You could use any cornet mouthpiece you wanted in either a sop or a Bb cornet but some mouthpieces are more appropriate. A 7C mouthpiece would generally make a Bb cornet sound too trumpetty but on a sop it might help you reach the higher range more comfortably.

    On trumpet, most people use different mouthpieces for different kinds of playing because the choice of mouthpiece will greatly affect the quality of the tone. The kind of mouthpiece you might want to use to be a screaming lead player in a big band wouldn't be right if you were playing in a symphony orchestra. It's the same kind of thing with soprano cornet and Bb cornet.
  5. cornet-blower

    cornet-blower New Member

    Hi there, I regularly use a Denis Wick soprano mouthpiece (S) with my Bb cornet. I previously used a 5B and there is no difference at all between the two on cup diameter, overall diameter and rim width. The S has a slightly larger bore and a shallower cup. I've always used small sized mouthpieces (having not got on successfully with the larger ones) and have never had a problem with them.
  6. xRinat

    xRinat Member

    Wow, are you serious? Aren't the S mouthpieces incredibly small? How does it feel to play on those ones? How is the sound?
  7. cornet-blower

    cornet-blower New Member

    I've never had any problems, even in the lower register, but it's probably a case of what you get used to. I hate to admit it, but I will soon have been playing now for 40 years (I started very young!) and nowhere near the league of many of you in here. The advice I was always given was 'play on the largest comfortable mouthpiece' which in my case seems to have got progressively smaller! I'm no expert, but I would have thought that you'll need to try out several different sizes to see which one suits you and your style of playing.
  8. Crazysop

    Crazysop Member

    On Sop, I personally find the S too deep. I use a real shallow shilke 11AX, think the cup is wider than the S and certainly more comfy on the lips. I use a 7c on trumpet and a 4b on Bb cornet.
    Think your best bet is to try a few different ones and choose one that you suits you.
  9. xRinat

    xRinat Member

    I found the new type of mouthpiece called Denis Wick Heritage, and I talked with my friend about it, and he bought it. I tried it and its so comfortable to play on. Its a 4B size.
    Right now I play on a 3B Denis Wick normal.
  10. xRinat

    xRinat Member

    I think 7C is a really good size, when I start on sop, I will definitely use a 7C one.
  11. Crazysop

    Crazysop Member

    I started playing sop on my bach 7c, found it real hard work!
    Anyway, here are some other threads about sop mouthpieces that you may find of interest and may answer some of your questions.
    There are loads more if you do a search for "soprano mouthpiece"
    Good luck with the sop playing, you must be truly mad!!!!
  12. xRinat

    xRinat Member

    Thanksfor you help, helped me :)
    I am a beast in high notes :D
  13. colin ball

    colin ball New Member

    GJG your answer makes no sense either, I know people who use C cups in brass bands on Bflat cornets, or sopranos with no problems whatsoever
  14. Vegasbound

    Vegasbound Active Member

    Try everything, and use what WORKS for YOU !
  15. Tom-King

    Tom-King Well-Known Member

    Holy thread resurrection, batman!

    Anyhow, welcome...

    I kinda agree and disagree with both of you - I know people using Bach c-cups on Bb cornets in brass bands and sound just fine, they're a pretty small minority but they're out there.
    At the end of the day, you should use what works for you on your chosen instrument - some instruments simply play better with certain types of mouthpieces, so that shapes the trends we see.

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