Are Grimethorpe a spent force?

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Jack Stout, Jun 15, 2009.

  1. Jack Stout

    Jack Stout Member

    The discussion pages following the departure of Roger Webster and several other quality players generated some of the most heated debate seen on The Mouthpiece. Lots from the remaining sources at Grimethorpe at the time that the band would go on as if nothing had happened... News since doesn't seem to back this up. No success at contests and withdrawels.

    Is it a confirmation that committees don't win contests?

    Here we go...
  2. Aidan

    Aidan Active Member

    Bergen, Norway
    black dyke don't do BiC... therefore they are clearly struggling..
  3. kierendinno

    kierendinno Member

    I think news of their demise has been greatly exaggerated... They are arguably one of the biggest names in banding and will hopefully be back on track (if they were ever off track) soon enough. I think alot more will need to happen for them to become a 'spent force', but thats just me...:)
  4. David Mann

    David Mann Member

    Athies, Pas de Calais, France
    Perlease! Not another band bashing thread!
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  5. bannisa

    bannisa Member

    Pathetic!! You really would think that some people would have better things to do. It almost doesn't warrant a reply.

    However, for the record, we at Grimethorpe Colliery Band are very happy thank you very much. We will perform over 40 concerts this year taking us from Gateshead to Cornwall to Wales and pretty much everywhere in between. I don't know of any other band that can boast such a full calendar. The majority of our performances are virtually sold out and we take very seriously the responsibility of performing to the best of our ability for the paying public and entertaining them.

    To comment on the "no success at contests" comment - we have competed in 2 contests this year.

    1) Yorkshire area where we were 3rd. We finished above Black Dyke and Brighouse and Rastrick. Are they also spent forces? Of course not - they are great bands and will always be so.
    2) Europeans - A bad day on the set test but our last contest performance in the own choice (the last time we competed) placed us 2nd behind Cory. If being the 2nd best band in Europe on the day makes us a spent force I am speechless!

    For the record again, we have a full band barring a solo cornet.

    We are not just a contesting band, we are perhaps the busiest band in the country and so something sometimes has to give hence our withdrawal from Preston. It has nothing to do with us not having a band or not being able to play the music. It is a question of priorities.

    This declining brass band movement should spend a bit more time supporting each other rather than trying to stir up trouble.

    I am proud to be a member of one of the best brass bands in the world, Grimethorpe Colliery, and proud to belong to a movement containing other great bands. It is only when I see a pathetic posting like yours trying to cause rumour and trouble that I despair of what will become of our great movement.

    Andrew Bannister
    Assistant Principal Cornet
    Grimethorpe Colliery Band
  6. Columbo

    Columbo Member

    I'm with you bannisa . We too (Carrbrook), although at a lower section, have suffered the same intolerable interference from outside. I'm with you. People should get their facts right (if it has anything to do with them), or keep quiet and keep their unwanted comments to themselves, thus bringing the movement together and stop continuing to be distracted by what others are doing. Its little wonder we can't attract people into what was once a friendly movement. Give them a break guys!
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  7. mclaugh

    mclaugh Member

  8. Daisy Duck

    Daisy Duck Member

    Sussex and London
    :clap: Good post!

    Brass banding isn't just about contesting. Performing over 40 concerts in a year is an amazing feat.
  9. smaca

    smaca Active Member

    I have to agree on the posting that life goes on at Grimethorpe ,and I doubt very much there is a demise, but from a personal standpoint, I am saddened that at this moment in time the brass band movement has lost its finest cornet player(IMHO) on the contest and concert platform.

    Not interested in the politics, but from a musical standpoint and being a cornet player myself, not to hear Roger Webster playing regularly at all the major contests/concerts is a loss to everyone who enjoys listening to good playing.
  10. davidquinlan

    davidquinlan Member

    New Southgate, London
    Well said Andy!
  11. Rapier

    Rapier Supporting Member

    I attended Grimethorpe's concert in Minehead a few of weeks back. One of the best Brass Band Concerts I've been to (and that's a lot). Fabulous playing around the entire band and even the singing was not bad (apart from the second horn, I can see why he plays an instrument) ;). And to still have enough lip left for William Tell Overture as an encore. Tremendous!
  12. Hove Edge

    Hove Edge Member

    Got to be the most stupid post I have ever had the non pleasure to read.

    Grimey boys....dont rise to it...please
  13. Jan H

    Jan H Moderator Staff Member

    I heard Grimethorpe in Oostende on their own choice piece, and they certainly didn't sound like a "spent force" to me! (and to most of the public ánd the adjudicators for that matter...)
  14. tubafran

    tubafran Active Member

    Agreed that the opening gambit was a bit pathetic and thankfully no one has risen to it or added to the fire however that is the first explanation regarding the English Nationals withdrawal. That comment would have killed that other thread dead.
  15. westoe_horn

    westoe_horn Member


    We are all entitled to our opinion but sometimes it's best to keep it to ourselves. I'm sure Grimethorpe are happy with what they are doing at the moment - we all want to win contests but it's not the be all and end all. At the top of their game Grimethorpe are probably the best concert band in the country. But then again that's just my opinion!

    All bands, even the best, have ups and downs but who are we to speculate and fuel the rumour mill? Just let them get on with their own rebuilding process and they'll be back at the top of the contest ladder in no time.
  16. jim

    jim Member


    Well said, I couldnt agree with you more!
  17. WoodenFlugel

    WoodenFlugel Moderator Staff Member



  18. I personally think that this post is absolutely disgusting and feel that it verges on being libellous. Grimethorpe are a fabulous band and like everyone they have their ups and downs; I don't know if they are "up" at the moment or "down" at the moment but that's really their business and their issue to deal with if there's an issue there. This practice of "dumping on the top bands" really is tiresome; people should keep out of matters that don't involve them and they should stop making comments on matters that they do not know the details of. As for the comments re "committees don't win contests" people need to understand that committees have their part to play in the complex running of a top flight band (apologies - all bands) and that they are an esential "cog in the wheel"; without the committee and the individuals that give their time, support and expertise to the band they might not be there in the first place. The one great thing about banding is that it's a team activity and everyone has their part to play.


    Port Talbot
    I couldn't agree more. Freedom of speech, and an open forum, are fine but the initial posting is clearly inflammatory in nature.

    Surely this could have been 'moderated' (i.e.blocked) before being aired?

    Originally I joined this forum as 'Curious' and if memory serves me correctly was member number 27. It was topics like this that persuaded me to stop contributing, as it is all so self defeating.

    This fantastic, magnificent movement has enough problems without self contribution.
  20. westoe_horn

    westoe_horn Member

    It's all pretty sad this.......

    Maybe if we all spend more time practicing and less time posting comments about other people's bands we might be good enough to join a band like Grimethorpe.................. ;)
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