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    IBEW entry reads
    "Active in the 1920s (Berkshire)"

    I can supply a little more information than this, as my school project on the history of the Wantage band (1993) ran into the history of this band too. Most of the details escape my memory now, as it was a subsection of the project, and it was a little while ago, but I do recall that it was active until the onset of WW2, when it was disbanded due to lack of members. It had a history going back to the late 19th century, I think, but am not at all certain of the exact date of foundation.

    The source of the info is still with us - Wantage band's Vice President, Ken Robey, who joined A&L band in 1927 as a child, and resumed playing when the town band was originally restored in Wantage in 1969.
    On which side note, the date given for foundation of the Wantage band is 1972 - however this date marks the 'rebirth' of the organisation, as it were; in 1969 the band was founded, but it failed to thrive, and in 1972 a meeting was held to wind it up. At this meeting, a proposal was put forward to refound it as a children's band by Doug Brand, a proposal which succeeded to such an extent that the organisation today boasts 200 players and a championship section 'A' band.

    A further side note - the territory in question has been in Oxfordshire, not Berkshire, since the local government boundary review of 1974. It's probably not worthwhile noting this on IBEW, though.

    The written-up project folder itself is of unknown status these days, following a house move... Moves are afoot to determine whether it still exists!
  2. Brasspenguin

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    Good news - another small snippet of detail to add. And some errors to correct! Thanks for the information.

    Do let me know if you find the school project - it probably should be "published" and added to the canon of histories of brass bands. I'm sure there must have been many such documents produced in the past which now no longer exist or are "lost".
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