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    Can anybody confirm or deny that the tune "April in Paris" was part of a film soundtrack, I'm sure there's an old film of the same name but not sure whether the piece originated from this or not.

    Anybody help???

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    "April in Paris" was featured in the 1952 film of that name, but originated in the show "Walk a little faster", written in 1932.
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    Now to my second question
    Has anybody played...or listened to the Mark Freeh arrangement of this? I'm looking for a solo for my flugel player, unfortunately it HAS to be a film theme so I'm thinking this would fit really nicely. I know Mr Freehs stuff is almost always top notch, just wondering if anybody has an opinion on it, and whether they think it can be done by lower section bands (Accompaniment wise)

    Cheers Peter
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    Della Pearce of Ransomes did this a few years ago I think when I played with the Band. Very nice, atmospheric, typical Mark Freeh.

    Another one which is quite nice is "Where is Love" from Oliver, I think Flash Barry (Darrol B on a Sunday) arranged, maybe he could confirm.


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    I think I saw Mark Freeh on here (tMP) - have you tried PM'ing him?
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    I've got a copy of April in Paris and Laura.......bought them direct from Mark Freeh about three years ago.....sent him USA dollars to New York. He obviously requested me not to photo copy and therefore I have adhered to his request. April In Paris was featured and played by the flugel player of Rigid Containers when they won the Open .......late 80's I believe. Laura is featured on the CD Brazzmatazz brilliantly played by Richard Illman of The Brass Band of Battle Creek. Sorry I do not have Mark's email address.....I left it on my old computer!! :oops:
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    Mark's chart of this is now published - I bought it on Saturday from Studio Music.
  9. i dont have a clue lol