Appropriate music for current events

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  1. glidng_slide

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    With all the recent events regarding the political correctness of bands would appropriate music depicting current events be under similar scrutiny

    Ok playing Olympic Fanfare and Theme over the Olympic fortnight, Pop goes Bach for the winter olympics, Best of Bond for the release of Skyfall, I agree with. However in light of the recent bad weather here, and the current situation in the US particularly New York and New Jersey, is Singing in the Rain really appropriate!
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    Wondering if Sydney Baynes 'A Coon`s Day Out' will ever see the light of day again?:)
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    I wasnt brave enough !!!!
  5. Gazabone

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    Perhaps some people might want to give "I will survive" an airing!!!!!
  6. nethers

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    Anyone played 'Cock Up Your Beaver?'.
  7. yep played that couple of weeks ago
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    Something politically correct and totally non offensive should be the order of the day.

    What about 'The Floral Dance' ..... Hmm yes... That's cosy and nicely brass bandy.
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    I feel it's only a matter of time before someone refers to Eric Ball's Rhapsody on African American Spirituals. Or Debussy's Le petit Africo-Americaine, or The African American's Cakewalk.
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    I once saw an American journalist ask Nelson Mandela, "As an African-American, how do you feel about xxx?"
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    What about "Shave em Dry"?

    John Chilton once played at a fundraising dinner for the NSPCC where George Melly burst into a spontaneous rendition of the aforementioned song. Apparently there was a rugby scrum of musicians trying to restrain George, but it was all too late as he was well through the first verse by that point.