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  1. Alisop

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    I had my appendix out on Thursday. How long do you think it will be before I can start playing again. I wasn't keyhole surgery (more like letterbox) as they decided to give me a full internal organs MOT while they were in there to check it was deffinately my appendix that was causing me the pain (which it was). So I'm still very sore, signed off work for 2 weeks, but how long until I can play again?????
  2. johnmartin

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    I was out for six weeks when I had mine out. I also had the full internal flush out but that was because mines had ruptured and they were worried about peritonitis. A few years later I was getting a check up at the docs and he saw the 8 inch scar and remarked that "the surgeon that did that must have had hands like shovels". :)
  3. Tubah

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    Sorry to hear that Alison. Hope you get well soon.

    Hammy (senior I may add)
  4. sophunk

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    depends if there were any complications like it had burst...or if you had keyhole surgery. As a medical colleague I would suggest its individual but take it easy and build up over the next few weeks would expect youto be back to normal playing in 3-4 weeks

    All the best
  5. FlugelD

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    If your band were still 3rd section, I'd say at least 3 months... :rolleyes:

    Since you're not, start easy when comfortable, don't push it, and good luck ;)

    (Worked for a friend of mine some years back)
  6. Alisop

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    Thank you all for your kind messages and advise!

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