Anyone use the Maggio Method?

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    I started using this method about a year ago after getting some bother at work. I went to see Gordon Campbell for a lesson and he gave me a copy and went through it with me. After about a month my sound and range had improved and I've found that coming back to blowing after a long lay off is a lot easier.

    Just wondered if anyone else had heard of it or used it and what your thoughts are?!
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    Is it like the rhythm method? ;)
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    Very quick Rapier!!! :clap:
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    Gordon campbell was also my route into using the method.
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    Sorry Sharpy, I thought it was something to do with The Karate Kid.

    How are you anyway.
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    I use the magic method sometimes :- keep it in your case, open the case twice a week - more when it's contesting and twice a year put it in the bath. ;)

    (Honest, Gareth, it's a joke! :D)
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    Seen Paul Daniels lately Mike?:)
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    Louis Maggio 1878-1957

    Louis Maggio is considered by many to be the greatest trumpet teacher of all time. He is the epitome of the phrase "by your bootstraps." He suffered an injury that would have ended anyone elses' career, but he instead invented a new embouchure development system that restored (and improved) his playing ability, and then he proceeded to become a mentor to some of the most famous brass players from around the world.

    I have read that Claude Gordon was a student of Maggio's and that is why there are a number of ideas in common between thetwo methods.

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    Send us a pm on this method, please Vegasbound.
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    Well, I know what you Booties are like!
    I did some residential courses with your ''Swimmer Canoeists'' :wink: And still remember some parts of the runs ashore. Only some parts mind, alcohol does that to the brain.
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    does anyone actually know what it is? :confused:
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    Have a look at the link below to get a comparison between different techniques. Remember, it is only a means to an end and may not be suitable for all. An experienced teacher should be able to identify what changes are required for each individual.
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    This stuff should come with a HEALTH WARNING!!
    Don't mess with your chops unless you're being looked after by a reputable and experienced teacher (and even then you should get a second opinion!)
  14. Vegasbound

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    Why do you think it should come with a health warning? Just because Louis Maggio is not well known in the UK.

    Among his students were Rafael Mendez, Claude Gordon (He of the systematic approach etc) and James Stamp (Haken Hakenburgers mentor) to name only 3.

    This is the problem with discussing anything like this on the forum.
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    oooooooo!.....calm down, mun!:D

    You mention Gordon Campbell as being your route into this method. All I'm saying is that none of us should mess with our chops without an experienced mentor....
  16. Vegasbound

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    Then you say ask for a second opinion!!

    How many of us would be happy if a student was going to another teacher to check if what you were advising was right.

    It's not a case of messing with your chops, it is having an open mind to the physical elements of playing a Brass instrument.

    I always think of having a lesson more as coaching, in the same way a top golfer will use a coach, someone to look and listen to you and detect possible faults that creep in from time to time.
  17. Alyn James

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    What's your problem?
    There are a lot of impressionable youngsters out there who could get themselves into perhaps irreparable knots through injudicious and unguided experimentation. For their sake I am advising caution. Not once did I criticise any of the methods outlined on the link so I am a little miffed that you've chosen to become so aggressive.....take a chill pill for goodness sake!
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  19. Alyn James

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    I have read it...and yes what you actualy meant to say was to those asking what the Maggio method would recommend that they don't try it without the aid of a teacher.

    Now I would like Sharpy to answer this,but I would think he started this post looking for others who had "under supervision" used the method and what success they had had.

    I don't know how familiar you are with Maggio's teaching so here's more info.

    Louis Maggio was a pro trumpet player and held first chair in an orchestra in the USA, who having slipped on an icy pavement in december 1919,Fell knocking out several front teeth and causing untold damage to his face tissue and through experimentation found that by using the muscles around the lips/mouth in a different way could not only play again, regaining the orchestra chair but his playing was better than it had been with an unheard of at the time 5 octave range.

    Maggio himself did not write the book, it was compiled after his death by Carlton Macbeth his foremost student,from all of Maggio's own notes.

    Claude Gordon studied with Maggio (after his former mentor Herbert L Clarke passed away) for 3 years, Gordon's own systematic approach has a lot in common with maggio's.