Anyone tried the new Yamaha Xeno?

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Richard_Brigg, Oct 25, 2005.

  1. Richard_Brigg

    Richard_Brigg Member

    Its rare that i have £1,500 pounds to spend on a cornet...

    anyone tried the Xeno? How does it compare to the prestige and maestro? And is it now widely available?

  2. groovy

    groovy Active Member

    The cornet players in my band who have tried it have found it fantastic. Nice blowing, great sound, and in their opinion outstripped both the Maestro and Prestige. However, it is personal taste so you would need to try it to see if you agree. We got a couple from Band Supplies quite easily on loan so it seems to be available no problem.
  3. imthemaddude

    imthemaddude Active Member

    I've brought one cos I think it's fantastic to blow and play.
  4. Dirty Sanchez

    Dirty Sanchez New Member

    It's better than the Prestige and not as good as the Maestro
  5. sugarandspice

    sugarandspice Active Member

    Trevada Music have 80 of them! :) Meant to be very very good, and the sop is meant to be even better!
  6. brassneck

    brassneck Active Member

    Erm., is the sound darker or brighter than the Prestige, Sovereign or Maestro?

    post-edit:- ... and what happens to the sound when more air is pushed through it? Is it kept constant or does it 'ring' more?
  7. lottie4744

    lottie4744 Member

    I beg to differ? I think the Xeno's more easy to blow, nicer sound, better valves, top quality cornet!
  8. trumpetmike

    trumpetmike Well-Known Member

    The joy of opinions - we are all entitled to differ.

    I am certainly looking forward to trying one of these Xeno cornets - compare it to what I consider to be the top cornets around at the moment (Eclipse & Taylor). If it plays like the Xeno trumpets, it will be an impressive instrument (although I still prefer my pre-Xeno Yamaha trumpet) - not for everybody's taste, but certainly one more to add into the decision process when choosing a new instrument.
  9. imthemaddude

    imthemaddude Active Member

    Oh good - I might get mine arrive just after my birthday. :clap:
  10. persins

    persins Member

    Was speaking to Len Adams from Travada at Pontins. He had a demo one there that I played!
    I thought it was fantastic.
    Much darker sound than the Meastro which can compare favourably with the Bessons. Very free blowing and lots of good enhancements from the Maestro in general. The sop is meant to be superb too.
    It came fitted with a fantastic top A too straight off!!
    Certainly worth a look if you can find one! Apparently, they are still fairly scarce!! I think I might be correct in saying that the 80 which Travada have are not all in the country yet, but have certainly been ordered!!
  11. iggmeister

    iggmeister Member

    I've had one of these now for a week to test out. It is laquer with the gold brass bell. I currently play on a Maestro which is about 9 years old and has seen better days.

    The valves on the Xeno really surprised me. All the new cornets I have tried i.e. from about 1995 onwards, have had rubbish valves. I'm also glad the first trigger is back in a more user friendly place - no idea why the maesro stuck it where it did.

    Its much easier to play than the Maestro and gives a more rewarding experience for the player. In fact, it is really easy to play and I have been hitting out notes I never stood a chance with on a Maestro or and old Sovereign. I thought that it sounded brighter than the Maestro but people who have been listening think it sounds darker and a bit more mellow. Ideally I need to record myself as I dont think you can really hear how you sound when you are playing.

    After a week, I am very impressed. I dont know how long it will last but every time I have picked it up to play I have found it more rewarding. It may just be the honeymoon period but having had a go on the Sovereign (and Prestige) and Courtois, none get anywhere near the Xeno.

    Just my opinion - and haven't tried the Taylor or Eclipse.

  12. GingerMaestro

    GingerMaestro Active Member

    I haven't tried one but IMO I think they are just an expensive Maestro with the 1st valve trigger in the wrong place.

    I haven't heard anyone who plays a Xeno come anywhere close to getting the quality of sound you get from a player that plays on a maestro

    I also think that if you have the money then shop around don't just go for one because of someone elses opinion (which I'm sure you wouldn't anyway) but there are lots of equally good cornets on the market which are not common to brass bands yet but with their quality starting to come to the forfront they soon will be i.e. Kanstul, smith-watkins and Taylor etc
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  13. iggmeister

    iggmeister Member

    There is nothing wrong with Maestros - I [ut them above Prestige and Courtois but the Xeno is to me a better instrument. Yes there are a lot of similarities and I wasn't expecting much when I first had a go. Have you tried a Xeno?

    I have played on loads of weird cornets - lots of various american ones including a Benge which had a huge flared bell.

    For the money, I think most cornets will struggle to match the Xeno. There may be some slightly better but is spending another £500-£1000 worth it to most players? Will they see the benefits of such a cornet?

    It looks like my band may be getting a new set of cornets but they couldn't look at the price of a set of custom made instruments and even if we did get them I think the subtleties of these cornets would be lost on some of our players!;).

  14. leisa

    leisa Active Member

    Don't get a prestige!!!!!!! mine has drooped badly!

    Xeno's are great i really want one but just make sure u try all the different laquer, silver, copper things to see which suits u bets :biggrin: