Anyone tried Geneva?

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  1. Hey Hey!!

    Has anyone tried any of the new Geneva Symphony Euphoniums? Theres so little info on the site and was wondering if anyone has one or has tried one?
    And while on the subject, anyone tried the new Geneva Tenor Horns or Cornets? theres even less info on those!! :(

    Thanks a lot! :D
  2. bassmittens

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    Our top Euph player tried one. He tried 2 different instruments. They were lovely looking, and feel very well made - solid! They are heavy and weighed not much less than my Sov Eb Bass!!!!!

    However, he decided it did not suit him. PM me if you want more specific details ;)
  3. SalvationArmyBM

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    I've tried the cornets, flugels and horns and have bought for the band. Top class instruments, attentive staff backed by a great guarantee.
  4. thanks for your reply!
    how would you say the cornet and horn compare to besson instruments?
    and does it cost anything to try out the instruments?

    Thanks! :D
  5. SalvationArmyBM

    SalvationArmyBM New Member

    The players feel they are more 'centred' than Sovereigns (all have moved from either Prestige or Sovereign). They feel more solid and the instruments can be bespoke. I went for a 24 carat gold grit blast flugel, but they do come in silver!