anyone struggle with nerves like me?

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  1. hi, ever since i moved on to Bbb bass in 2004 ive had nerves befor a concert/contest, then got worse for eg, i was asked to help a band out for grand shield and on the way to there rehirsals a was feeling sick (through up out side befor i went in) now its got to the stage were im nervas in all genaral activities like going to dentis (supose to have a filling but couldn't go through with it coz i wa gona be sick) this happens at every concert and contest!! it is really horrible and at 1 point i was about to pack in playing because of it! its holding me back from helping out good bands because ov the fought of being sick and letting them down. is there anyone who has a similer problem or now's of a cure? been to doctors they couldn't do owt apart from saying to see a sycologist.

    hope my spelling isn't to bad and you read it. -(I CARNT SPELL).
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    I suffered badly with nerves at concerts and concerts when I was younger, feeling sick etc. The very thought of playing any exposed part would ruin my life for weeks before.
    Andy Owenson was MD of Imps at the time (Donkeys years ago !) and he made all the youngsters in the band attend Slow Melody contests to get confidence.
    After the first couple of terrifying experiences I really got to enjoy them, and even stood up and played solos with the band at one point.
    I then gave up banding for 18 years and ran a showband - no nerves on stage at all.
    Came back to banding, and I was back to being a nervous wreck !!!!!!
    I played all that was asked of me, but I still suffered the "Terrors" for weeks beforehand.

    So all I can recommend is to force yourself to go to solo contests.
    It might seem a frightening idea, but push yourself to do it, and I think it will help you.

    Best of luck with it anyway.

    Mr Wilx
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    There are other means to overcome the nerves matey but its is frowned upon by many people.

  5. ive done solo contest, played solos at concerts etc when i played euph didn't bother me event hiting top f's (softly as i leve you) it just seems to be since i move on Bbb bass, dont feel compftable on it even though im pritty good.

  6. whats that then? probably tryed it
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    beta blockers is what killer is referring to i expect...


    beta blockers... Used by few frowned upon by many... But good.

  9. what are they and were could i get it from? never heard ov it.
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    They are a prescription drug, most commonly used to reduce hypertension and regulate cardiac problems. They have been used on occasion by musicians to reduce performance anxiety. They reduce physical symptoms of anxiety by disrupting electrical rhythms in your heart, so I'm told. Adverse side effects can include "Low Blood Pressure, Slow Heart Rate, Impaired Circulation, Loss of Sleep, Heart Failure, Asthma, Nausea, Headaches, Dizziness, Muscle Cramps, Peyronie's disease and Insomnia" - Wikipedia

    Taking them on anything other than medical advice (and I have no idea whether Mr Haigh is a doctor, but even if he is he hasn't had the opportunity to examine you or take a history) would be so spectacularly dumb that it could probably put you in line for a Darwin Award.

    Do a quick search on here for "beta blockers" - there's been a lot of conversation about them before.
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    Go back to your Doctor and ask him to prescribe them for you. Tell him how bad your nerves are - to the point of ruining your musical experiences. Its easy for those amongst us to just say get over it - but unless they have experienced the real terror some unfortunate people really do feel they cannot understand the depth of the problem. Best of luck. :)


    When I was on solo EE bass in a championship section band I was faced with Journey into Freedom and Life Divine. I could play the part at home, but had trouble on stage.My good friend who was playing at Brighouse told me about these, in the 60 s they were called OBLIVON....the modern day name is Propranalol...or something similar. Doctors sometimes prescribe these to people for driving tests etc..I went to my doctor and told him about the situation and had a quick exam...he gave me 28 pills... one to be taken 2 hours approx before going on ! they work...iff you can t play your part in the bathroom don t think you can take one of these and play like Shaun Crowther but they do work. They do have mild side effects in some people but i never had any.Nowdays i dont need them perhaps it s just that im older and done it all before and could nt care less !
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    Couple or five pints might help as well. You'll do it with your eyes shut then!!
  14. it's weard, coz as soon as im sat down on the stage and played acouple ov bars im fine and always play spot on onstage (apart from manchester tail this year) the doc gave me some thing befor and i took it on my wedding day i felt fine and not nerves but at the evening do i didn't feel to good or a couple of days after. its a horrible thing and i dont want to have to stop playing, maybe if i started at the bottem (4th section) and go back on euph that may help? dont fancy it though no afens.


    Big mistake taking one on your wedding of the side effects is erectile dysfunction !
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    I think you may have had quite a few side effects Stuart! Maybe you just didn't notice ;)


    aye ...the worst was playing at the side of thee at methley last summer !
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  18. lol, them side effects didn't happen lookly.


    When its a major contest like "Holmfirth " I have used Kalms which are a herbal pill you can buy from any chemist.. they work but you have to take 6 a day for 2 weeks i m always falling asleep at work and have nearly been sacked for being asleep on the job !You also have to visit the toilet a lot ! they do work and are only about 2.50 for 80 pills.


    If this fails try drinking 10 pints of Sam Smiths and think about Katherine Jenkins whilst on stage.