Anyone recommend a Bavarian/Bier Keller Band

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by StevePJ, Dec 12, 2006.

  1. StevePJ

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    I'm look for a German Bier Keller Band for next May. Any suggestions/contact details ? Thank you
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  3. Sellers_Bird

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    the bavarian stompers... courtesy of Pontins. awesome
  4. StevePJ

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    Thats very helpful - thank you
  5. postie

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    Agree with that saw them at Pontins a few time and they were brilliant.
  6. Hornted

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    Bavarian/Bier Keller Band

    About 4 years ago we booked the Bavarian Stompers for a joint concert with Newstead in Hucknall, they were brilliant - think they have a web site for contact details but back then I contacted Pontins and they gave me the number. Should still have it somewhere contact me if you require further info.

  7. Bones

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    Stan Lippeatt runs one I think.
  8. Texus

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    Contact Max Joseph - ex Btm. He plays/ runs a stonking one.
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    Bavarian Band

    Hi Steve,

    That's right, the name of the band is the Die Heidleberger boys based in South Wales. They have a website, it's If you need to get in touch with Max his number is 07788 856 777.
  10. andylockett86

    andylockett86 Member is the one!!! Fantastic entertainment - check out the website - pm stopher or nickjbeaumaris on tmp
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    Dependant on the date - i play in a bier keller band and maybe could work something out - other than that i know of another bier keller band:)
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    Nick J beaumaris band will sort you out Steve.
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    Im really grateful to all you nice folk out there on TMP for helping me out.