anyone played these pieces?

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  1. I've seen a couple of new pieces advertsied that I'm thinking of buying. Can anyone who has played them suggest to me if they are suitable for a middle of the road 3rd section band? I can tell from the arrangers names that the music will be good, but don't want to waste cash on stuff that's too hard!!

    I'm gonna be (500 miles) by andy Duncan

    Portrait of Ray Charles by Sandy Smith

    Ta folks:tup

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    ''I'm Gonna be'' won't be too hard for your standard at all, we are using it at the moment and we are a 4th section standard band. Very straight forward, and a real audience pleaser......
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    Played I'm Gonna Be with my school band - bit of a stretch for them but should be well within the reach of many adult bands.
  4. Thanks you two for the replies, that piece is ordered!

    My band has evolved a bit of an "arty" programme the minute, and I'm looking to water it down with a few well known popular tunes. I'd welcome any other suggestions for new music people may have.
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    Portraits of Ray Charles is a good piece, it should be fine for a 3rd section band.