Anyone no anything about these Eb Solos ??

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Laganvale, Jun 6, 2004.

  1. Laganvale

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    Hi everyone - finally got round to registering for the forum!!

    Just wondering if anyone can provide any background information for a few Eb solos. I need some information for an exam - the sort of information you would find in programme notes etc.

    The Pieces are:

    Rhapsody for Eb soprano cornet by Robert Eaves

    Variations on a Welsh Theme by Peter Kneale

    Concerto for Horn in Eflat by Bellini

    Thanks for your help!!
  2. HBB

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    Variations on a Welsh theme is lovely. About 6 minutes long, with a few cases of double, and 1 of triple tonguing, lots of rubato playing!

    The Bellini one is typically 'old style', with lots of fast semmis and demi-semis (hey .. it was for oboe originally!)

    Dont know about the other one!
  3. Vickitorious

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    Rhapsody is a serious piece, has a very big, important sounding opening, showing off the players sound and dynamic range.

    Followed by one or two cadenzas, theres a jolly 6/8 section, testing the players technique, and fluency.

    Then theres a slower thoughtfull section, in 4/4, which is really nice, shows off sound and slow melody playing, this carries on into another jolly 6/8 section, which really pushes the piece on into a big finish.

    Welsh Theme is just gorgeous! lol!

    Starts off with a traditional Welsh tune - Watching the Wheat.

    1st Variation - Is in an innocent jolly style, like the player hasnt got a care in the world, followed by a little afterthought.

    2nd Variation - Starts off slow in the band/Piano, then turns into a jolly bouncey little tune, the soloist enters through semiquavers which run through the band into the solo :? lol! (if that makes sense)

    3rd Variation - Is well... just the nicest slow movement ever!!! starts off slow and tranquill, it sounds a bit like Aranjuez (sp) slowly builds up to a tenser real give it some on the high notes sing it out at ff slow melody. The tune then goes into the band again, and the horn/sop soloist strkes back in again on a top Bb. Then theres a cadenza sort of thing, which is played exactly with the piano/band, and leads onto a fading away ending to this section.

    4th variation, is jazzy, lively and crisp. and right near the end it really builds up to a big finish.

    I don't know the other piece very well though, sorry.

    Hope that helps!

    Vicki x
  4. Janet Watkins

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    Old news this, but Robert Eaves is the pseudonym of Edward Gregson

  5. Laganvale

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    Thanks for the replies so far - all very useful stuff.

    Does anyone know when these pieces were written and who for ect?

    I am trying to put together program notes for a friend who is doing her performance diploma.