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  1. 007ish

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    I have a recording on my iPod which only identifies the piece as GALLAND it is by Dyke and it is a duet for euph and possibly horn or Bari. Sorry its such poor info to go on :-? but can anyone identify it better for me as I think it is stunning and would like to buy the piece
  2. brassneck

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    Could it be John Golland's Meiso by any chance?
  3. bumper-euph

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    if it is , then it is written for Baritone and Eb Tenor Horn.....nice..
  4. ballyhorn

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    Played by Sandy Smith on horn and Peter Christian on baritone and it is the best you will ever hear it played ...both superb musicians.....although Peter used to have a thing about "The Swan run" if it was on a concert it would prob be played twice as fast :)
  5. its a nice duet.
    i think it was written for a grimethorpe tour of japan in the early 90s.
    but dont quote me on that!! ;)
  6. ian perks

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    I think you will find it was wrote for Black Dyke Band when they went on tour to Japan;)
  7. well i was almost right!! ;)