Anyone know of any central Sydney (Australia!) bands ...

Discussion in 'Recruitment Corner' started by MickeyEmz, May 25, 2005.

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    ... that might welcome me to play along at their rehearsals? I am likely to be in Sydney for the next 3 months and would like to meet some people who aren't backpackers through the medium of music!!!! It needs to be central ish Sydney as I'm relying on public transport. I am a stickless and instrumentless percussionist who hasn't played for over 4 months since being on the road! Can anybody help...??

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    When I was travelling in Oz I helped out the Bondi Beach Brass Band!! They were very friendly and welcoming and I got to play at Bondi Beach! I haven't got any contact details but I got in touch with them through the NSW band organisation, I think I found the link on BBW. Hope that helped!
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    Thanks so much for your reply - that is wicked! I literally live down the road from Bondi (and not too far from Randwick). I have emailed Bondi Band and will see what they come back to me with. It was even better to receive a reply from someone local - I live in Marple and have played with VBS quite a few times. I know Dave Johnson pretty well. Plus my bro (Tom Emery) played with you at the areas this year I think!

    Thanks again. Fingers crossed I get a reply soon!

    Mike Emery
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    Excellent! How weird is that? Your brother did play at the areas with us and a couple of other contests and jobs, I'll say hi to dave for you!

    I seem to remember that they rehearse at Randwick Racecourse which was a pain for me to get to but should be easy for you.