Anyone know any good Euph Solos

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  1. benjaminuk

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    Am looking for some new euphonium solos. Could you help and where do you get them from?

    Cheers Guys
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  3. Swampy

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    Euph Solo's

    Try Just Music UK, they have just about everything
  4. benjaminuk

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    thanks! I will have a look
  5. Nigel Hall

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    Martin, you got in before me - but use where we have several other Euphonium Solos.

    Benjamin, we are about to release a new Euphonium solo in April, an arrangement of The Jolly Miller of the Dee. If you would like a sneak peek at the solo part then either PM me or email me at
  6. Martin

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    Ooops, missed the hyphen. Sorry, Nige. lol!!!!:)

    Good to see you on Sunday.
  7. yoda

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    one not played often enough is "Peace" by john golland. truly beautiful

    think its published by Derek Ashmore :)
  8. Active Member

    Are you looking for solos with brass band or piano accompaniment or perhaps just for private use?
    If you can give me an indication, I can narrow down my suggestions somewhat.
  9. benjaminuk

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    am looking for both
  10. benjaminuk

    benjaminuk Member

    i will have a look cheers.
  11. marksmith

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    If you are looking for something enjoyable and challenging, try 'Beer Barrel Polka', arranged by Wes Kendrick at Falna Music. It is 'Roll out the Barrel' with sweet attitude. Very good indeed.
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    OK, great.

    The David Childs Solo Series mainly consists of solos with piano accompaniment although there is also an unaccompanied piece too. The series is published by Prima Vista Musikk.
    Prima Vista also publish some euphonium solos with brass band accompaniment, the latest of which is David Childs' own arrangement of Flight of the Bumble Bee. Also available are nine of the solos that David plays on his most recent solo CD, Celtic Charm.

    Band Press VOF produce a number of excellent euphonium solos in the Euphonium Virtuoso Collection which is endorsed by Steven Mead. All of these come with piano or brass band accompaniment. (They are also available with wind band and fanfare band accompaniment although we don't list those versions on our website.) I'll send you a Band Press catalogue if you PM your postal address to me.

    The Derick Kane Euphonium Album is a popular publication of 13 solos (and one duet) for euphonium and piano. Also included is an accompaniment CD for rehearsal purposes or for performance when a live accompaniment is not available. Derick Kane has been principal euphonium of The International Staff Band since 1976 and has featured on many recordings often playing solos especially written for him. This album contains some of those solos ranging from traditional melodies to Salvation Army songs and includes four major works. There are solos to challenge the younger player as well as some to test the most advanced soloist. Many were only previously available with brass band accompaniment.

    Kenneth Downie has published a couple of euphonium solos with his own publishing house Kantaramusik; My Love is Like a Red, Red Rose and The Sally Gardens.

    The Salvation Army has published countless euphonium solos with brass band accompaniment and it would be difficult to list them all. It really depends what you're looking for as the list encompasses slow melodies, theme and variations, classical transscriptions and rhapsodic.

    I hope this gives your a taste of what we have available.
  13. benjaminuk

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    Please find my details in my PM I sent you!! Cheers :cool:
  14. benjaminuk

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    It does thanks, Do you have any Eb Bass solos as my friend is looking for some.

    Kind regards
  15. Martin

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    Try for those too.

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    Brass Band accompaniment

    Badinage (Kevin Norbury); A playful and jestful solo for Eb Tuba commissioned for the award winning CD recording 'Blazing Brass' featuring Patrick Sheridan with the New York Staff Band.

    Celestial Morn (Leslie Condon); Leslie Condon was, almost single-handedly, responsible for elevating the Eb bass to its position as a solo instrument within The Salvation Army. Desirous of fully utilising the range and timbre of the instrument, Leslie wrote this demanding yet fulfilling solo for himself to play.

    Standing on the Promises (Erik Silfverberg); A jazzy solo based on the well-known American gospel song 'I'm standing on the promises of God'. Tuba soloists are normally 'allowed' to play seated but, keeping the title in mind, they may wish to play standing on this occasion!

    Piano or Brass Band accompaniment

    Get Down (Graham Lloyd); An acclaimed addition to the tuba repertoire, Get Down has a dream-like opening followed by up-tempo passages that demand dexterity from the soloist and real excitement in the accompaniment.

    Piano accompaniment

    Gramercy Solo Album - Eb version (Peter Graham); A collection of solos by Peter Graham for any valved instrument with piano accompaniment.

    Eb Instrument Solos Album; Solos for Eb instruments varying in difficulty. Titles featured include: The Old Rustic Bridge; Celestial Morn; An Irish Melody; High Fidelity; Rhapsody for Tuba (Bowes); Glory to His Name; The Queen of the Night's Aria; Only One Intention; Jesus Loves Me (duet) and more.
  17. benjaminuk

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    Thanks, I will let him no. Did you get my pm?
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    Yes I did, thanks for your order!
  19. benjaminuk

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    How long does it take to get to me?
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    How did you place the order? Phone or website?