anyone heard these new pieces?

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  1. Hi all

    During our bands summer break I'm trying to get together a load of new stuff, ready for our return to rehearsals. Ive seen the following three pieces for sale, but haven't seen the dots and don't want to make any expensive mistakes! (blimey, the price of music these days;) )

    Can anyone suggest if they're good arrangements and more importantly, are they suitable (difficulty wise) for a third section band.
    Summertime (euph solo version by obrasso)
    Closest thing to crazy (flugel solo)
    old blue eyes is back (Sinartra selection type thing)

    I know its a trickey question - but any help appreciated. Its a long drive from Buxton to anywhere stocking new music!
  2. I should definitely know "Summertime" by G. Gershwin, but I can say it is suitable for third section and a short sound excerpt of the Obrasso arrangement can be heard here: > Brass Band > Solos, Duets, ... it's a fine arrangement but I don't like this piece to be played by an euphonium. It's trumpet stuff in my eyes...
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    "Closest Thing To Crazy" - if that's the Katie Melua song it should make a lovely flugel solo if arranged well - you don't say who's arranged any of the pieces?

    Word of warning on "Summertime" - we have the soprano solo version (which is very good) but every time our sop plays rains!!
  4. The Euph-Version of Summertime is arranged by Alan Fernie.
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    I have arranged the Closest Thing to Crazy as a flugel solo and it should be playable by all levels of bands.

    It is available from

  6. well thats good enough for me....order placed.:)