Anyone going to North Wales?

Discussion in 'The Adjudicators' Comments' started by stotty74, Nov 17, 2004.

  1. stotty74

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    The North Wales Contest is this weekend (20th November) in Rhyl Town Hall. Is anyone planning to go?

    I've heard that the numbers very low. Last year there were just 2 in the Open Section, and there is just 1 this year.

    Northop Silver aren't going as we made a decision to attend either Wilkinsons or Rhyl. I would have liked to have done both.

    I am wagging a stick with Northop Youth Band. I've been told that only 1 band is in our section, so we're a little disappointed.

    So, who else is going in the other sections?
  2. dyl

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    I'll be there in the morning, supporting our Youth Band - not the same Youth Section as you though!

    Even worse - there is no 2nd Section contest. The reason why we aren't going is because of a clash of dates with a Gwynedd & Anglesey Schools band course which happens on the same day, and as our MD is gonna be working at the course, we decided to pull out of Rhyl this year and concentrate on next week's concert and masterclass. The Gwynedd/Anglesey course is sure to have had an influence on the low turn-out of bands. Why don't the people who organise these things talk to each other? Such silly things as date clashes should not be happening in this day and age.
  3. stotty74

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    Totally agree - i'm sure it wasn't the same weekend as wilkinsons last year, and for the schools to have organised something and the association not to know about it is ridiculous! Something really needs to be done to stop this contest just disappearing (i don't know what yet). It's an even worse situation up here than the South Wales contests!!
  4. LeDragon

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    I'll be there supporting Royal Buckley Town in the 3rd.

    It is a shame about the poor attendance by bands. I don't want to sound mercenery, but I think that the lack of prize money is a problem, particularly in relation to the top section bands. When I played for Point of Ayr, it was never even considered to take part in this contest as the band would have ended up out of pocket even if they took 1st prize.

    But I really hope that the contest remains, and I know that prize funds do not just appear out of thin air. I've had a lot of great days at the contest (particularly back in my junior band days with Buckley youth) and I really hope that the bands who have supported this event in the last few years continue to do so!

    And as Dyl said, it would help if the organisers of events communicated also!