anyone from NCBGB on tmp - tell us your fav bits of the course

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by trombonebabe, Jul 29, 2006.

  1. trombonebabe

    trombonebabe Member

    Hi there

    I have just been on my first NCBGB course at Bromsgrove and it was awesome:)
    i absolutely loved it ! Special moment : when Coops fell over the bin dressed up as a ghost (his costume didn't have any eye holes and the WHOLE band was chasing him!)

    Anyone else on TMP who is in the band? tell us your favourite bits of the week!

  2. LilMissFlugel

    LilMissFlugel Member

    I laughed my head off at coops and Bryonys "date" SOOOO funny :tongue:
    Also doyley n coops (the roomies) matching outfits were so stylish!:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:
    if any of you were there plz pm me and i might no who you were! i was the flugel player with the starshaped bruise on my chin (i got a cup stuck)

  3. Kiz7

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    how did you get a cup stuck to your chin Elly - or is it safer not to ask???
  4. andreab

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    Hi Rhiannon,
    Congratulations on doing your first Children's Band course! I wasn't on it (too old!) but my son Tony was in your section and had a fantastic week. He was very impressed with your playing.
    The concert was amazing and I enjoyed your mum's write-up of it. Haunted Halls was brilliant (was that you screaming?!). I also particularly enjoyed Hey general I don't like brass band arrangement of Beatles tunes, but the enthusiastic singing with the small ensemble accompaniment just hit the mark. And of course I Will Follow Him with the fabulous Trombone section was a perfect end to the concert.

    Good luck with your trombone playing, keep on having fun!

  5. trombonebabe

    trombonebabe Member

    Hi Andrea
    It was me screaming (everyone put their hands over their ears in rehearsal cos I screamed so loud!)
    I really enjoyed the singing - us trombones rock!:cool:
    I hope i get back in so I can go again next year. How is old is Tony - can he come back next year?:D

    I loved Amazonia from Windows of the World and I thought Coops piece was great - he was mad:eek:

  6. andreab

    andreab Member

    He's 13 so might be too old next year. He was on last year's course too and had a brilliant time then (although without any ghosts!:eek: )

    Keep up the screaming! I mean playing!