Anyone fall prey to the Microsft Updater issue...???

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by TheMusicMan, Jul 10, 2006.

  1. TheMusicMan

    TheMusicMan tMP Founder Staff Member

    I have read many reports in the media that people are being mistakely accused of not running a legal copy of XP on their machines. i experienced this too, and this even with a pre-installed version of XP on a Dell Laptop - but fortunately managed to get it sorted before having to purchase a new copy of XP. Others, it would seem, have not bee so fortunate. Have you...?

    Here's a recent article...

  2. cookie2

    cookie2 Member

    Yes! My computer has been telling me this for a couple of months now, but slacker that I am I have done nothing about it. It is networked to my husband's office, and their IT guys set it up so I thought maybe they'd been cutting corners. Anyway, I know nothing about computers :-? , so any ideas what to do about it if it does turn out not to be a fake?

    And Squirrel, if you read this, consider it a freebie. Just don't get smug! :oops:
  3. TheMusicMan

    TheMusicMan tMP Founder Staff Member

    If your current version of XP does turn out to be a fake, you will need to purchase a new, legitimate copy of either Windows XP Home, or XP Professional. Once you have then installed this, you'll be good to go.

    The issue here though is that many people who have genuine installations of XP are being told by MS Genuine Advantage (which is what the MS version checking software is being termed) that they don't have a genuine version of XP on their machines. Even those - like me - who purchased their machines with Windows XP pre-installed!!!
  4. MarkGillatt

    MarkGillatt Member

    You can remove the validation tool by checking the show updates box in add/remove programs, scrolling down to the bottom and removing the world domination add on!(I mean windows validation) lol
  5. Di

    Di Active Member

    Yes, if you remember, when I was online at the hotel at Cambridge while we were at the Masters, I told you about this. I was having problems loading pages and I rebooted the computer. When it restarted, I got the warning that I may be running a counterfiet copy of windows XP professional. I have a laptop with pre-installed XP windows home version. The day after that we went on holiday in the caravan, so I had no internet connection for a week, but each time I turned the computer on, the message came up and I had an icon in the bottom right corner of my screen. It ran like that for a day when I got home and logged on but before Steve had chance to look at it to see what was going on, it disappeared as mysteriously as it appeared!
  6. cookie2

    cookie2 Member

    So if it is genuine, is there a way of having this verified so that I can recieve the security upgrades again and stop being pestered, or do I just remove the icon as has been suggested?
  7. VenusTromster

    VenusTromster Member

    I'm having the same problem. How can I get around this?
  8. VenusTromster

    VenusTromster Member

    I've tried that but it says that this update cannot be removed! Help anyone?
  9. TheMusicMan

    TheMusicMan tMP Founder Staff Member

    Mine, like Di's, luckily just went away. I will try to find out for you though.
  10. brassneck

    brassneck Active Member

    - sounds like some PC builders have supplied rogue OEM operating systems with the gear. Check the backup disc given with package to see whether it is a genuine Microsoft product!
  11. VenusTromster

    VenusTromster Member

    I know that the microsoft website can scan the computer to find out if it is genuine (been looking at the links), but I'm scared that if it thinks that it is not, it will then lock me out!
  12. brassneck

    brassneck Active Member

    - I don't know if there is a timescale before any form of lock-out. I do know that the nagging reminder pop-ups grind on people after a while!
  13. Nuke

    Nuke Active Member

    I had that for a while.

    I had to reset my computer back a few days to before the verification tool was installed and the message went away.

    My computer still messes up though. I keep getting screen blackouts. Ive taken it to two seperate people and they cant seem to figure it out? Microsoft possibly.

    Personally i think it is a bit of a scam that they are trying to pull. It wouldnt surprise me if no matter what version or how valid it was that it would come up with some reason to force another copy down your throats.

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