Anyone else having rehearsal probs for Butlins?

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Hot Lips, Dec 15, 2004.

  1. Hot Lips

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    Is anyone else struggling to find somewhere to rehearse at Butlins. We have been limited to one hour for the weekend and all the usual pre-draw spots have been taken. Will have to do all our rehersals off site! Why then are Bultins so insistant that all bandsman stay onsite for the entire weekend when a rep of theirs admitted on the phone that there are more bands this year and they cannot accommodate all of their needs?

    There are only so many venues suitable for rehearsing and and i can envisage those being booked up soon too.

    You have been warned!
  2. Bones

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    There is a pub opposite the main gates, that was offered to us last year. Also you could try the Embassy Theatre in Skegness. Failing that get in touh with Steve Walker at Butlins, who I am sure will assist. Last year, he put me in touch with Skegness Silver to use their bandroom.

    Will see you there I'm sure, I'll be propping up the bar.

    Best of luck and merry xmas


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