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    I hope someone can help here. One of my pupils is studying A-level music, and his performance part (on baritone) requires him to find 20 mins or so of music from the same composer, and then do an essay on one of the pieces comparing & contrasting two recordings of one piece to boot.

    So we are looking for a piece by james curnow that would go with rhapsody for euph and fill the rest of his performance portfolio. Obviously the rhapsody is ideal for standard (grade 6-7) and recordings available, but he needs one or two contrasting pieces by the same composer -with piano parts.

    Anyone any ideas? thinking of salvation army repertoire of which I have little knowledge apart from being on essays for brass

    thanks to anyone who can save his bacon
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    I think there is a Euphonium concerto by James Curnow published by De Haske.
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    If he is doing OCR, it doesn't have to be the same composer. You can choose a particular style, genre or technical aspect for your recital. The Performance investigation can be on some broader topic related to the instrument. In the case of the baritone, where the repertoire is thin on the ground, you can cover some wider aspect - say the brass band in general - or some thing specifically to do with a related instrument (Euph/Ten Horn for example) or some other aspect of performance technique.
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    uh, but if it's ocr, doesn't the music have to be originally written for that instrument?
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    I think Symphonic Variants is the one that comes to mind for me
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    No, I don't think so.

    If that were the case then some instruments would be in deep doo-doo because the repertoire isn't there and/or recordings are non-existent. Even now, some brass players struggle to find enough suitable repertoire on CD/vinyl/tape on which to base their performance investigation.

    I'll have another look at the syllabub. ;)
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    That's why he was struggling on a tenor horn, and as it happens he suits a baritone better. After all, who wants to play mozart horn concertos on a tenor horn?
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    After a quick look through my music, have found parts to two of his pieces. First:Canticle (for solo clarinet and band), a good piece, don't know if there is a piano part for this kicking around... And second, fantasy for trombone, another very good piece, definatley does have a piano accompianment.
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    grr, we were told we had to. one of our best cornet players had to completely change her entire program! about three weeks before the performance, after our teacher had already approved her "opera arranged for cornet" theme!
    after he'd gone to one of those examiner meetingy thingies he came back and told us we were all wrong and stupid or something. well, he was more supportive than that, but still.
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    Last year, my boyfriend had a pupil doing A-Level with a similar dilemma, needing to find 2 contrasting recordings of the same piece. No matter how hard we looked, we could only find one recording of this particular piece, so my boyfriend and I made a recording of it so that the student could successfully complete his coursework!