anybody heard of Blast!?

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by silkenrose, Apr 6, 2007.

  1. silkenrose

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    these guys are absolutely awesome! wicked as music and performance (marching included) for brass and percussion

    or check out youtube and search for Blast! esp Officer Krumpke, Battery Battle, and Loss

    anybody ever played standing on a chair suspended 12 feet above a stage or while riding a unicycle?

    so totally recommend you check this out!
  2. ISBBBb2

    ISBBBb2 Member

    As it happened watched the DVD last week for the first time. Tremendous show! Choreography superb, musicianship even better. Amazing high energy drive. This is what doing something different with brass music is about!
  3. Aardvark

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    Saw them twice at the Hammersmith Apollo when they were over a few years ago. .......Absolutely fantastic.

    Would definitely go and see them again if they toured the UK.

    Where did you get the DVD and what's it called - would like to get a copy.

  4. Jasonp

    Jasonp Member

    I saw them at Hammersmith too, good stuff.
  5. andywooler

    andywooler Supporting Member

    I also saw them at Hammersmith - brilliant!

    The dvd is on
  6. ratpit

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    I went to the Hammersmith Show

    Really impressed
  7. Bryan_sop

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    I've never seen/heard them but researched the name. When we first set up our quintet it would have been a perfect name for us because our names spelled blast (Bryan, Louise, Alan, Sam, Tom) but we couldn't use it because it was already taken :mad:

    As it goes anyway, Tom had to leave and Mr Quinlan joined us, but BLASD doesn't really have the same ring to it :D
  8. tubadaz

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    I saw Blast! at Hammersmith. We took a party from the marching Band to see the show on the last night. Awesome!! :clap:

    I also have the DVD, Video, T-Shirt, CD, etc!! :D :D

    In a (slight) coincidence, I spent last week at a band camp for the British Youth Band Association, teaching alongside Nick Angelis, one of the Snare Drum soloists from Blast!
  9. bandrh

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    Nice to see another marching bander on here!
    I saw Blast twice great stuff. I have the DVD but be carefull as the one I have would not work on a standard DVD player, would play on a pc though.
    I also have a dvd of Jeoff Queen who was the leading snare player, this is really good.
    There are many marching band around the country that are similar to Blast in style have a look at
  10. youngblood

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    Also if you are into marching bands check out 'Myspace' as most of the American bands have sites on it.

    You could also just check the friends list of the new BRASS festival myspacesite: as there are quite a few on there including the band from which Blast was created, Star of Indiana I think it is. Their site has loads of vids on as do many of the others.

    Talking of vids if you are into marching bands or trombones check out the forum of the official BRASS site as there is a thread for brass based videos on it and one called Trombone Suicide will amuse you, clever stuff with two rows of trombone players!

    Also I am sure BRASS have not got any marching bands at it yet but I am sure they would welcome them! They seem keen to promote all brass playing
  11. youngblood

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  12. tubadaz

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    The DVD I have is region 1 only as well, but my DVD player is multi region (the TV is NTSC compatible as well!!) so I have no problems there!! :D

    I march with Centurion Showband (3rd in Div 3 last year), who are you with?

  13. tubadaz

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  14. a very flat b

    a very flat b Member

    Didn't Blast (or similar) first appear on Generation Game?
  15. bandrh

    bandrh Member

    Hi Daz
    Thats the problem then with my dvd player its only plays non American ones.
    I am not currently marching with any band but looking to join a local one but there are not many in NW London, the nearest is Distant thunder, buts that Bedford quite a way from me.
    I was up your way last year as I attended the percussion workshop organised by Phil Johnson your percusion section leader.

    Yiewley & West Drayton band
    2nd Baritone
    Harrow Church Lads & Church Girls Brigade
  16. davidquinlan

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    Ha, we could all shave our heads and call ourselves.. The Balds ...

    (I'll get my coat...)
  17. PeterBale

    PeterBale Moderator Staff Member

    Or recruit an extra plyer named "Eric" and become "The Blades" ;)