Anybody good on Sibelius??

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  1. can someone please tell me how to enter triplet quavers. im trying to re-enter a march as i have a rubbish copy of it and can hardly read it.

    also how do you make it smaller so it is the size of a march card?

    we have sibelius 4 at work, i've asked the music teacher but what he said doesnt seem to work.

  2. Will the Sec

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    You must of course give consideration to copyrioght issues before you start, but assuming you have....

    Select a quaver, then press control and 3. There are other ways...

    There is no doubt a better way technically to make things march card sized, but I reduce the font size until it fits onto less than half a side of portrait A4, and print. To save paper, you can invert the printed page and print another part.
  3. Cyndy

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    You put the first quaver in the bar,then you go toolbar create tuplet, enter number (3)in box click ok triplet sign should be there,add rest of quavers.
    To alter size of page, go toolbar layout,document setup. you can alter the page size here, alter staff size until its size you want.

    Hope this helps
  4. BrianT

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    Sibelius Spacing

    The default inter-note spacing used by Sibelius is beautiful if you're printing on A4 or bigger. But if you punch in an entire march (80 bars or so) onto march-card-sized paper, the default spacing will make Sib insert one or more page breaks. But you want the whole march on one card. Just reducing the stave size would allow you to fit the whole march on, but the notes will be illegibly small.

    To get the march to fit on one card and still be legble, you have to muck around with the inter-note spacing. You can do this safely, as the settings are local to the file you're editing - which means you can play without the possibility of spoiling the appearance of other scores.

    Try winding down the spacing so that semis, quavers, crotchets, minims and semibreves all have a similar spacing. Sib insists that each spacing is bigger than the previous one, but the difference only has to be tiny.

    Once you're happy with your new design rules you can save them away as a house style, ready for use the next time you lay out a march.
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    I really haven´t found that, Brian. For the marches of my own that are standard march length, i.e. circa 100 bars, my method works OK (and in "Shirland" there are a lot of dots!). I have tinkered with fonts, as I think some are more readable than others, but that´s all.