Any York University or York St Johns Uni Students?

Discussion in 'Recruitment Corner' started by Straightmute, Oct 20, 2008.

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    At York St Johns University (where I'm in charge of Music) we have a number of good brass band players but sadly never quite enough to form a full band. I imagine the same is true at York University where I remember a brass band starting a few years ago (under Andrea Crossley's direction) but things seem to have been quiet recently on that front. I know of quite a few other players who are not music students - but are outstanding players - at both institutions.

    I was talking with Roy Newsome recently and he expressed the regret that so few of our universities run brass bands, making it so easy for players to drop out of banding or even out of playing altogether at this stage in their lives, so I resolved to make some enquiries to see if a 'York Universities Brass Band' was a desirable and achievable option.

    I have gathered some enthusiastic support at the YSJ end but would like to hear from anyone from York University who would be interested in playing or recruiting/co-ordinating players at the Heslington end. Also from any players at YSJ that I don't know about! Please PM or email me.

    I'm sure we can raise some funding for music etc and that both institutions could offer rehearsal facilities. I imagine that we would rehearse at both places on an occasional term-time only basis, that it would have no impact on any current band membership (ie we would not register as a band!) and whilst I'd be happy to conduct if required, I'd be equally happy not to!

    I look forward to hearing from you.

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    I actually work at York Uni and we were saying only the other day how it's a shame we don't have a brass band anymore. I think this sounds like a very good idea, I know a few people, both staff and students, who I would imagine would be very interested, I'll do some further investigations and get back to you
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    Hi David,

    I'll ask around at York Uni Concert Band Rehearsal on Saturday. :) You can put me down as being interested as well! :) (I'm not sure if you were aware that I'm a 3rd year Electronics Undergrad!!) :biggrin:

    Speak to you later,