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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by CornetJem, Aug 28, 2012.

  1. CornetJem

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    I recently posted a thread introducing myself to tMP but I'm wondering if there are any tips you could give me on navigating the site? Is there a simpler way of re-posting on a thread I've recently posted on? Maybe I'm not explaining myself very well.. I get an email saying that someone has posted on a thread I have also posted on, and then go onto my profile and click on the thread from there.. is there a quicker way? Or are there any other tips people would like to give me to make navigating the site a little easier?
  2. Will the Sec

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    I don;t know anyone else who actually uses the email notification service. I'd cancel that, and then use the "New Posts" link near the top left corner each time you visit.
  3. phildriscoll

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    I use the email notification for threads I've posted to. The email it sends you contains a link to the new post, so you can just follow that link rather than going to your profile.

    The "New Posts" link is an ideal entry point to the site as it shows you what has happened since you last visited. It's a bit tricky to bookmark, because when you click on it you are immediately redirected to a different URL.

    The New Posts URL is
    and you can create a bookmark for this in your browser's bookmark manager (or whatever it's called in your browser).

    Unfortunately, because of the redirection, you can't just click on the New Posts URL and bookmark the page you land on in the usual way.
  4. Rapier

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    CornetJem the tip I'd give is, look at the date of the thread you are replying to. ;)
  5. CornetJem

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    Thanks for the tip! :)

    I've started doing this :) and I will try the other thing too, though it sounds a little complicated tehe