Any suggestions for a good instrument insurance company?

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by AlanD, Jan 28, 2006.

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    Band Insurance?

    Don't know if there is a post started on this yet, but am really looking for some advice. Our band insurance policy is up for renewal next month and I'm looking to see if we can get it any cheaper anywhere at all? If anyone has any ideas or telephone numbers to try can you please please please let me know.

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    Email the SBBA secretary. We have a deal with BBI which allows a discount for SBBA members similar to that enjoyed by members of BFBB.
  4. James Yelland

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    You ask for advice. My advice is to read very carefully what is covered by any policy, and what isn't covered. Cheap insurance policies are usually cheap for a reason. At least one well-known band instrument insurer does not include the cost of replacing the instrument case as part of the policy. If the instrument is stolen, it is likely that the case/gig bag will go as well - and they are not cheap.
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    Thanks James, being a Insurance Consultant am all too aware of the risks of "Cheap Insurance" The policy we have at the moment, I feel, is over priced and well under covered! But thanks for the advice.

    John will check out with SBBA tonight, and also the other site mentioned!

    Cheers folks

  6. WoodenFlugel

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    Hi all,

    Since I've just splashed out the best part of a months salary on a new flugel, and also having an old Sovereign cornet, and my wife's (fairly valuable) clarinet in the house, I'm thinking I really need to get some specific insurance cover sorted. I have a healthy mistrust of any insurance company, so rather than just Google it and go for the one with the prettiest website, I wondered if anyone here can recommend someone to me? I'm looking for the classic combo of value and service, and really would be looking for a new-for-old policy for all three should the unthinkable happen.

    So, any recommendations?

    TIMBONE Active Member

    Allianz Cornhill 0870 2400 303
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    I remember a financial adviser on a local radio phone-in programme stating:

    "Insurance companies exist to take in the maximum Premium, and pay out the minimum in Claims. The difference is called "profit", spelt c.a.s.h!"

    How true.

  9. tinytimp

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    Try Brass Band Insurance Services. (They don't have a website but the contact details are on

    They give really competitive prices and as far as I'm aware the actual cover is quite good (I leave all that to my dad).
  10. HSB

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    As a bandsman with twenty years under my belt as an Insurance Broker, I take exception to your financial adviser, who must be the worst in the world at his job?!

    The trouble with insurance is that you are not buying any tangible product, you are paying for peace of mind. If you don't need to use it you feel aggrieved at having to pay for it, but boy, when you do need it, it's bl**dy useful!

    The whole point of insurance is that everyone pays something into the pot according to the risk they bring in. In the case of Motor Insurance, a 50 year old with a Nissan Micra will obviously pay less than an 18 year old with a souped up flying machine. The pot is used to pay for those who have claims, the key is to get enough into the pot to cover potential claims and leave something as profit.

    Insurance costs are going up because of unusual weather patterns (severe storms, tornado in Birmingham, flooding on a massive and unprecedented scale), "where there's blame there's a claim" (anyone who falls over now blames someone else and gets several thousand quid). You trip up coming out of your local supermarket, sue them, get £5,000 then think how many people's insurance premiums have been paid out to cover that. A few years ago you'd dust yourself off, think what an idiot you'd been for falling over in front of so many people and get on with life. Now, it's become a full time occupation and it all has to be paid for.

    Without insurance the whole economy could not operate. Alanl58 wouldn't be able to get to work because providers of public transport wouldn't risk you being injured and having to pay for it themselves. You might not drive to work because if you stopped at traffic lights and someone ran into the back of you, you'd have to pay for your car recovering and then wait until you'd raised enough money to get it repaired out of your own pocket. Your employer wouldn't take you on because if you tripped and fell down the steps and ended up in a wheelchair for the rest of your life, they'd have to pay out a small fortune and close the company down.

    It's easy to spend £50,000 on a top of the range sports car, then whinge about having to pay £1,000 (2%) on insuring it!

    My advice would be to be very careful as a brass band. All insurance companies exclude claims where 'reasonable care' has not been taken. How many players leave a rehearsal and fire down to the local pub, go in for a drink and a chat leaving your instrument in the boot (or worse, on the back seat), unattended.

    It's an instrument worth £1,000. If you'd just drawn £1,000 in cash out of the bank in a briefcase you'd make sure it came out of the car with you and you'd probably keep hold of it in the pub as well, just to make sure. Yet you leave a £1,000 instrument unattended in your car, someone breaks in, then you expect the Insurance Company to pay up?

    For those serious about insurance I'm happy to give advice if you PM me. I don't sell brass band insurance, so I've nothing to gain personally, but I'm happy to look at your policies and let you know the potential pitfalls.

    Remember, for every retired major with a bog standard Rover who washes it every weekend, there's a teenage tearaway in a souped up Vauxhall Corsa ready to lose control and mow down the nearest bus queue!

    Don't knock insurance as a rip off, when you really do need it, it'll be the best few quid you ever spent!!!!
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    I'll add another vote for Allianz Cornhill. Excellent cover (practically anything, worldwide) and very fast service if you do need to make a claim. No excess either, at least not on my policy.
  12. lewis

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    I've been with BBIS now for over 10 years and their prices are competitive and they never question you or give you hassle over claims (although I've never written an instument off completely, touch wood!)

    Definately recommend you at least give them a ring.
  13. daisygemma

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    We've just changed the band'd insurance from Allianz Cornhill to BBIS.
    Quotes from both were virtually the same but we changed as we decided to have public liability insurance that AC don't do.
    BBIS were excellent and processed the forms by return - highly recommended.
  14. jim sutherland

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    musicians union

    Hi The musicians union do a pretty good free cover if you join or are a mmeber already.
  15. WoodenFlugel

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    I'd just like to close this by saying I took TIMBONE's advice and contacted Allianz Cornhill. Managed to arrange cover for five grands worth of instruments for a premium of just over £69 which I thought was pretty good - especially as two of the three are insured for theft or damage when left in the boot of an unattended car. Very important if you don't want to take your instrument for a pint after rehearsal! ;)

    I found their service excellent (although I guess the real test would be if I - heaven forbid - have to make a claim) and they got my cover sorted just in time for the Whits - even though I only contacted them lateish the evening before. :redface:
  16. aimee_euph

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    bit late...BUT Pavillion Orchestral Guar does specialist brass insurance. not sure of specifics as it just covered what i wanted it to in my room at uni!x
  17. Charmed

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    I agree. However, we've been with BBIS since they first started, and have never had to claim until recently. Yes they responded quickly, yes they replaced our damaged flugal, but I've just received our renewal premium and low and behold, it has almost doubled. In 2 1/2 years they will have recovered the cost of them replacing the flugal with the extra we're now having to pay but I bet in 3 years time our premium will not drop back down.

    Yes well worth it if you have a huge claim to make, but not so sure about smaller claims! :mad: Hence I am now looking around for cheaper (hopefully) insurance.
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    Band Insurance

    Hi,ours is due soon.I've ended up with this baby to deal with coz it came with the job of treasurer, need to look around to try and better what we have price wise.Just wondered who the rest of you use so I can do some comparisons.

    Many thanks

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    Great thread, I'm in the same position, therefore very keen to see the responses.
  20. KenIrvin

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    Players insure their own instruments individually via house insurance. We insure the music library through NFU which includes "free" liability insurance.