any one know any good computer programmes for young children?

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  1. Ok really need some help here. I am looking for a computer programme that is suitable for very young children I am talking 2 ½ - 3 year olds.
    I am looking for a very simple programme that I can use with them in playgroup, really so they can get to use the computer by themselves and achieve an end product without any real adult input. Any suggestions will be gratefully received
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    Actually that aint such a daft idea. One of those match up the picture things wher you just point and click.
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    You could let them go nuts on Paint for a while... I used to love that, and it's creative...
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    Lots of the stuff by Dorling Kindersley are worth looking at.
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    My World.

    I've used it a little bit with year one, (5-6) but i guess it could be adapted? might be worth googling for some info?
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    My four year-old niece loves playing around on a couple of websites. Do you have internet access there or do you need standalone games?

    I'll try and find the links. Though they're aimed at North American kids they're intuitive educational games
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    They're amazing!! The Science one.. I want to make my own thermometer now! :D
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    How old are you??
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