Any new tenor horn solos out there?

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  1. I think the question says it really, but are there any new tenor horn solos out there that people can recommend? I want a good tune that will go well with the average audience, not a room full of bandsman! I'm well aware of all the old favourites, but most of them are done to death. I want new, fresh and entertaining!:)
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    Well there's the Piper of Dundee which is quite new and v. entertaining, but very very hard. :-?
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    There is a great NEW solo by Paul Lovatt-Cooper called "Untold Story" thats a lovely tune and well worth playing to the general public.
    Hope this helps!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    on the subject of paul, he's done one called The Spellbinding Jewel.

    There are samples of both of these on his website.

    Also there is the full recording of an Untold Story on Owen Farr's CD, 'An Untold Story'
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    What about "She's Like the Swallow" Trad. arr James Curnow? It's a beautiful slow melody and published by DeHaske.
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    Here are some that you may not know about;

    Bel Canto (Kenneth Downie); As the title suggests the music is very song-like and features soaring melodic lines which exploit the middle and upper registers of the tenor horn.

    His Eye is on the Sparrow (Leonard Ballantine); A traditional gospel spiritual originally written in 1905 by Civilla D. Martin and Charles H. Gabriel, the song is most associated with actress-singer Ethel Waters. The song, now in the public domain, has been covered extensively in gospel music, with notable versions by Shirley Caesar, Marvin Gaye, Kirk Franklin and the Family, Lauryn Hill and Tanya Blount (from Sister Act 2), Mahalia Jackson, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Dottie West, Barbara Mandrell and Jessica Simpson.

    An Untold Story (Paul Lovatt-Cooper); Written at the request of Owen Farr (and recorded by him on his solo CD Untold Stories) this lyrical solo is a new and fresh addition to tenor horn repertoire.

    The Spellbinding Jewel (Paul Lovatt-Cooper); This solo is in rondo form and written in a style which will appeal to both performer and listener. The first section is full of colour and vibrancy and has a rhythmic modern jazz feel that shows off the technical ability of the soloist. The middle section is slow, where the soloist can put their own musical stamp on the lyrical phrases and melodies.The end of the middle section builds to a climax before leading to a recapitulation of the first section which closes to a coda that is packed with fire and attitude and gives an exciting conclusion to this demanding solo.

    Tenor Toccata (Rodney Newton); Composed for, and dedicated to, Owen Farr, this single movement work for tenor horn is divided into clearly defined sections. The introduction consists of a fanfare figure which is taken up by the soloist and turned into a cheerful melody. This is developed and varied during the progress of the first section, culminating in a climax. The pace later slackens and a new theme emerges, which grows out of the opening fanfare figure. This is then taken up by the accompaniment and shared with the soloist. A return to the faster music brings a new set of variants on the original theme, which builds to a broad statement of the middle section theme. A recapitulation of the primary material is rounded off by an energetic coda, also based on earlier material.
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    Bel Canto is lovely, I played it for a while when I was at poynton. A little lofty though but if you've got a good upper register go for it!
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    Give this one a try - it's only been out since January.

    Horn Fantasia - The Kerry Dance

    Listen to it here : Dance.mp3

    View the score here: Dance.pdf

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    SJS, Links don't work. Well the listen to, one at any rate
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    We have a couple in our catalogue (which you can find at that you might be interested in

    AVE MARIA by Caccinni Arr. Benjamin Tubb (£20.00)


    EVOCATION FOR TENOR HORN by Stuart Pullin (£30.00)

    Neither have been recorded yet, so we don't have a sound-bite on the website, I'm afraid. We could however, send you a sibelius sound file, if that would be good enough?
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    Just checked the links and they both seem to work. Try copying the link into the address bar

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    The links worked for me
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    Nope, still can't listen to it. And already tried the address bar route.
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    Owen Farr has recorded a solo on each of the two Cory in Concert albums to date, both of which have been made available this week by Prima Vista Musikk.

    Rule Britannia is a long-standing showcase for the euphonium but this new arrangement by Dan Price offers tenor horn players the opportunity to indulge in Hartmann’s virtuosic treatment of the patriotic favourite.

    Haydn originally composed his Cello Concerto for his long-time friend and cellist Joseph Weigl. However, the work was presumed lost until 1961 when a copy of the manuscript was discovered. This arrangement of the finale shows off both the lyrical and nimble qualities of the tenor horn. Scored in a concerto grosso style, with soloist accompanied by a quintet comprising of two cornets, baritone, trombone and tuba, the whole band joins for the tutti sections.
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    Horn Solos

    I've done an arrangement of 'All By Myself' as sung by Celine Dion. It goes up to a top D and finishes on a top C#.
    If interested email me at

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    Some horn solos from PDF Brass
    Three arrangements of well known song and one original
    Don't Know Why
    - Jesse Harris as performed by Norah Jones.

    Love is here to stay - George Gershwin
    The Nearness Of You -Washington/Carmichael
    [TABLE="width: 539"]
    [TD]Monday Feeling - Horn Solo (opt. Flugel Solo)

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