Any legal experts out there? (query about payments for building work on our house)

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by sparkling_quavers, Oct 29, 2007.

  1. sparkling_quavers

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    We contract company X to fit a conservatory. As part of the process we choose a specfic type of glass to be fitted to the roof. In the contract it clearly states the type of glass. When the conservatory is fitted we are doubtful on this glass and think it is wrong type. The glass came with a delivery note stating the type/model number of the glass so we took this off the packaging before they threw it away. We then contacted the supplier of the glass (3rd party) and they confirmed the order had been made for the a different type of glass to the one we had originally ordered. This 3rd party supplier does not even sell the glass we ordered. I then contacted the supplier who should have been used to supply the glass we were sold. They told us that all their glass had a specific mark on the windows. Ours do not have the mark. I am therefore confident they have supplied us with a cheaper version of the glass we have ordered. It is a similar type of glass from a different supplier. A case of 'ordering heniz beans and getting lidl's'. Now, obviously we are not happy about this, but are wondering about the best way to go about dealing with the situation. I believe, even if we are satisfied with the work, we have 28 days to pay from the point they invoice us? The outcome we would like is that they remove the cheap glass and provide us with what we have ordered. How shall we phrase this to them?

  2. Rapier

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    Just contact them and tell them the wrong glass has been fitted and is not what you odered. You are willing to pay when the fault has beed rectified and not before. Phone call first with letter to follow.
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    Rapier is right, you need to contact them first and tell them that they have not supplied what you ordered - if they are any good they will acknowledge their mistake and rectify it. If they then refuse to play nicely, then talk to your friendly local trading standards people (the number will be in the phone book).
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    Hope they checked it doesn't need planning permission Rach, could cause you problems if you ever sell the house later if it needs it and hasn't got it. Just sounds like the company cut corners so it may be worth finding out if they ever checked with the Council...
  5. Hornblower RN

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    .....and the water door neighbours of friends of ours are in the process of dismantling their conservatory 'cos it's built over a sewage pipe which now needs to be renewed. :(
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    Yeah that is fine, they haven't built something new they have just taken down an old extension roof/windows and put new ones in. Anyway we have spoke to the company and they seemed to think it was a mistake and have said they will sort us out with new glass so hopefully this will be sorted. Thanks everyone!
  7. geordiecolin

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  8. leisa

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    Out of interest rach (nopt too interesting!) what company supplied that glass? x
  9. NeilW

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    The county Trading Standards department are also you friends if they don't sort it out to your satisfaction. They'll give you advice too.

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