Any info on instrument hire? Also experiences on JP Euphs.

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    Hi there! Me again, I'm afraid I'm still on about the same old thing here, my hand. A few months ago I was hunting for a Euph because of the problems I have with holding my baritone and apologies to those who remember it, I unfortunately lost my job and the situation I was in meant getting an instrument was completely ruled out. I'm now looking again- after yet another telling off from my doctor about it.

    I'm seriously interested in the 4 valve jp euphs- both compensated and non compensated- and would really appreciate any advice or info on what they are like. At the moment I'm looking to hire one, but jp only seem to hire their very basic 3 valver, which isn't really what I want. Can anyone give me any info on the hiring process- likelyhood of squeezing a different instrument out of them for a start- and also on who else hires euphs? I've not been able to find anywhere else, but would consider it, especially if they're nearer.

    Alternatively, if anyone's got a euph sitting around not doing anything that I could look after for a few months, I would do that very happily- I know it's a big ask, but we really do look after instruments, usually returning things we borrow in better condition than they arrived in, and I know that having instruments sat in a cupboard doing nothing is more often than not, much worse for their health! I would also ensure that it was insured. (I know it's not likely that anyone will be able to help me in that way, but it has to be worth and ask while I'm on here anyway!)

    Thanks for looking guys!
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    The JP hire scheme is aimed towards the new starter rather than experienced musicians therefore the euph available is the 3 valve instrument rather than the 4 valve versions. The hire scheme involves paying the first 3 months payment upfront along with a delivery charge then at month 4 your payment continues from your bank account. At the 6th month period you have the option to purchase that particular instrument at the normal price less your 6 months hire charge which is deducted from the cost, alternatively you can decide to continue hiring for as long as you wish.
    Regarding your problem with your hand, I wonder if a harness might help at all ie a Neotech harness which comes in various sizes and can fit instruments without marching rings....just a thought!
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    Get in touch with your local brass band.

    Offer to help them whenever and/or donate in turn for a loan of an instrument.

    A lot of bands have some old instruments lying around (or even brand new ones!) that are not being used and to be honest, would be better off being played regularly than sitting around.
    The offer to help the band when needed and/or loaning it gives them a reason to assist you but I would guess most bands would prefer a backup player than a small value per month.
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    Thanks! I'm afraid I'm not able to do that at the moment, between my sa commitments and family commitments, I'm just not able to, although I would love to if I could!