Any good xylophone solos?

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by CarrieTheDrummer, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. CarrieTheDrummer

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    Hi, was just wondering if anybody here can recommend any good xylophone solos?
    Ive seen "Helter Skelter" but that one is quite popular for a xylophone player to do so I wanted something different? :)
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    Rondo alla Turca on Lovatt-Cooper's Only For You CD is pretty good,
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    err... no there aren't ;-)
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    My mate in the band has just done a xylo solo... It's the Green Hornet: really cool, he just needs to tweak it here and there before he thinks about publishing.
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    There is a great arrangment of Flight of the Bumble Bee and Robbin' Harry is a cracking solo too. It is written for Xylo/Vibe but there is nothing stopping you doing it all on Xylo. There is also a good arrangment of Czardas that Mount Charles did at Yeovil 2011.

    The Two Imps is also really good with audiences, it is a duet but one of my students does it as a solo.

    Gavin Pritchard has done loads of solos with all the bands he has played for, might be worth a look at his publisher - Jargins i think...?
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    Spinning Song (Mendelssohn arr Snell) - actually one of the Songs Without Words, originally written for piano

    played by Simone Rebello on Fodens Whitsun Wakes album
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    Thanks everyone (apart from 'Sonorous' :p) Ill have a look :)