Any good new music out for band

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Forest Gump, Mar 27, 2008.

  1. Forest Gump

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    Can anybody advise me on what music to buy for my band, we need general concert items, but some fun pieces would be good.
    They have to be quite easy (non-contesting band), cheers.:tup
  2. James Yelland

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    One would hope that your Musical Director might have some thoughts on the matter, and indeed, might consider it both his job and prerogative to do so.
  3. Kiz7

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    Indeed SHE might, but SHE might also have asked Forest to see what the good people on TMP suggest as SHE might not know what new repertoire is available.
  4. James Yelland

    James Yelland Active Member

    My apologies for assuming that Berry Hill was one of the majority of bands with a male MD. Notwithstanding that, it remains the job of any MD to keep themselves abreast of available repertoire.
  5. Anno Draconis

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    Wouldn't dispute that. But your initial reply seems to imply that it is solely the MDs job to identify new repertoire - surely input from everyone in the band is to be welcomed?

    In any case, the question is a reasonable one. I conduct a 4th section band (3rd section locally) and identifying new repertoire that we can reasonably expect to be able to play without months of note-bashing is more difficult than you might think. Even were I to buy every new CD that comes out, most of the "new" music included on them is for Championship/1st section standard bands. Although some websites give you a short recorded extract and/or one or two pages of score to peruse, that's no real indication of the standard of the music (by which I mean both the technical ability required to get through it and the "quality" of the piece).

    For example, I recently bought a new(ish) piece by Philip Sparke for our band called Madrigalum; on the Just Music website I got a brief recorded extract and a page or so of score and from that, it looks perfectly playable. When we got it, I discovered that actually the last couple of pages are pretty fiendish and will take a lot more work than I'd expected so we'll be putting that in our Autumn programmes rather than our Spring/Summer ones as I'd hoped.

    Short of perusing every available score at every trade stand at every band event I attend, what other sources of information are there? Peer recommendation by players/MDs from other bands is a very valuable tool in choosing pieces to play. I'd be very interested to see what people recommend......;)

    Incidentally (@Forest), just becasue you're a non-contesting band don't rule out using testpieces or extracts from them. The slow movement of A Downland Suite is gorgeous, for instance, and the recent 4th section area piece Four Cities Symphony would be a crowd pleaser.
  6. Forest Gump

    Forest Gump Member

    Well said Kris:clap: , we prefer to have a piece recommended or to hear it in full, there are a few poor arrangements out there and we seem to buy more than our fair share of them.
  7. johnmartin

    johnmartin Active Member

    Well no-one seems to be ansering the original question so I'll weigh in with a couple. These may be a bit high standard for non-contesting (though it doesn't follow that non-contesting = less than 4th section). We have recently tried these out at band and they are good enough for general concert repertoire.

    Mask of Zorro (Sandy Smith)
    Muppet Show (Philip Harper)
    Feather Theme from Forest Gump (Sandy Smith) (yes I know its strictly speaking not new)
    El Es El Senor (Dean Jones?)

    I can also recommend any stuff by Paul Drury. He is our MD and has introduced us to some great arrangements of his. He also did some work for Sellers and Grimey for Brass in Concert. His website is
  8. Gorgie boy

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    good man John, the cheque is in the post...................
  9. tubafran

    tubafran Active Member

    Get your band or yourself on the mailing list for companies like Obrasso and de Haske, IMP etc - they all produce a catalogue of new and some not so new music each year and you get a CD and usually a reduced copy of the solo cornet part in the catalogue. They also give an "indication" of the standard of band that the music is aimed at; yes there's a lot of higher section music in there but usually with a listen you get some idea what the pieces are like. AD refers to Madrigalum which I think first appeared on the 2007 De Haske catalogue and there are some cracking pieces of music on there for lower section bands - I got the following for KSB

    It Had Better Be Tonight
    I'm Beginning to See The Light
    Kennsaw Mountain Blues
    Pirates of the Caribbean

    and from the previous years CD

    Love & Marriage
    Mr Sandman
    Adagio For Brass
    Your're A Lady
    Rememberance Day
  10. Black & white Minstrels
    Instant Concert
    Singalong Selection 1 (finishes up with now is the hour)
  11. Forest Gump

    Forest Gump Member

    Funnily enough we've got both of those pieces out at the moment, great minds hey!:clap:
  12. Forest Gump

    Forest Gump Member

    Like the sound of the muppet show and Gold at the moment, please keep them coming.
  13. alks

    alks Member

    Well in our band (4th section) Our conductor ordered for 2008 summer music the following: (with the aim to buy music that we could just play....unlike 2007 when the music ordered took longer to get together!! and caused problems when short of players at concerts)

    Showbizz Forever (Darrol Barry)
    Manhattan Skyline (arr Ricks van der velde)
    This is Brass (Frank Bernaerts)
    Broadway Spectacular (Alan Fernie (harder than the rest))
    Axel F (Frank B)
    Eternal Flame (Frank B)
    Toy Story (van de velde)

    All playabe by 4th section)

    In 2006/2007 some were...(cant remember all)

    Appalachian Mountain Suite (James curnow)
    Chicken run (sandy smith) a bit tougher.)
    Cute (Philip Spark)
    For your eyes only (Darrol Barry)
    Grease! (Andrew Duncan)
    Hymn to the fallen (Van de woude)
    I got Rhythm (Alan Fernie)
    Lion King (Bearmearts)
    Meet the Flintones (Goff Richards...not easy)
    The Magnificent 7 (Alan Fernie)

    (some of these take a bit of work so perhaps not ideal)

  14. HBB

    HBB Active Member

    I fail to see how these are either new or good?!
  15. these generally aren't exactly new but should be playable by a non-contesting standard (no disrespect) and they are really fun to play and to listen.

    Amazing Grace, William Himes
    born free
    lord of the dance
    the cossack
    tha magnificent 7
    best of bond
    i will follow him
    Londnderry air
    pirates of the carribean

  16. lynchie

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    Ooof... so that's how he's still making money then...

    Wish I could be some help, but my mind's gone entirely blank as to what we've played recently. I would recommend signing up for all the catalogues as has been mentioned earlier, there's an occassional gem in there.

    If anything comes back to me, I'll come back.
  17. jcowensEb

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    oh my god...i was just reading through and i think he was just asking a question?????????why can't you just answer the question or just shhhhhhhh if u dnt have owt good too say!!!!!!!
  18. Chunky

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    I think perhaps you should try to follow the advice you have given, no doubt based on many years experience of conducting.

    I agree with James, the conductor / md has to make the decisions with regard to music.

    Having conducted for a few years myself I welcome suggestions / input from band members. However the conductor must have the final say as to repetoire, as he / she should have in mind the direction they wish to take the band musically and therefore what music will help achieve those aims.