Any Forthcoming Concerts Central Lancs?

Discussion in 'The Auditorium - Concert Details' started by floppymute, Jan 19, 2008.

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    I have a young pupil who's only been playing for a few weeks but, along with her parents, she's very keen to go to a brass band concert to see what she's aiming for. With the contest season in full swing it's been hard to track any down near the Chorley/Wigan area.
    Can anybody let me know of any coming up please?
  2. andyp

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    Formby Hall at Atherton always had a band on third Sunday of every month.

    Can't find any details for this year on Google though.

    Might be worth ringing them (01942 876496)

    Also Victoria Hall at Bolton?

    I'd plug one of ours (not far from Chorley) but none I know about as yet till after March.....
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    A bit further down the line we've got a couple of concerts in April at Lancaster Cathedral and Lytham. We're working hard on the music now and we'd be delighted to see you there. Check out the website for details.
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    Thanks for the suggestion, and in my eyes ( and ears) it would be great, but I think the programming could be somewhat heavy for a 7 year old. I'm really thinking of something a bit more family orientated
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    Leyland Band are in Formby Hall (Atherton) tonight, 7.30 start :)
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    Wingates Band are in Blackburn on the 16th of February, and Formby Hall on the 17th