Any duets for horn and baritone?

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by andreab, Jul 20, 2008.

  1. andreab

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    Can anyone suggest any duets that are suitable for Eb horn and baritone - either with piano or unaccompanied, not with band? Or any books of duets for Eb & Bb instruments?


  2. Only one Ive heard about is John Golland's "Meiso", dont know wheter there is a piano acc. to it. :S
  3. Brass Nut

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    Just a thought, you could look into Alto/Tenor Sax duets. You'll find a lot more music for Saxes out there.
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  5. blondiie

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    Well Im Sure Anything Would Transpose...

    Deep Inside The Sacred Temple Sounds Wkd On Horn And Bari
    All You Need To do Is Transpose The Top Part Onto Horn..

  6. andreab

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    Thanks for all those suggestions.
    I found another thread that mentioned Meiso but said that it's really high - I don't want anything too difficult! Is it just the last note that's high or is it generally a difficult piece?

    I tracked down an alto/ tenor sax duet book, but as the sax has a wider range that too was too high (although I could look at putting it down an octave).

    I'm just trying to figure out how to download software so I can listen to Simplicity, and my baritone-playing friend has Deep Inside etc so we'll have a look at that.

    I've found a couple on the Mostyn Music site, Mozart's Andante and Allegro (arr. Wyss), and Little Prelude and Fugue by Martin Leadbetter - does anybody know these?

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