Any Brass Bands in or closest to Central London?

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  1. I'm starting a degree at Kings College London in September and would like to find a brass band as near to there as possible. Does anyone know of any brass bands inside the M25? In Central London? Which one would be closest to Strand in Central London?

    Please help! Thank you! :confused:
  2. Leyfy

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    Becontree, Regent Brass and East London Brass are in that area.

    I know Becontree rehearse near a tube stop!
  3. Owen S

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    No band is actually in central London itself, though some are closer than others. Then again, you most likely won't live in central London itself at all, certainly not on the Strand. Where are you expecting to live? I live pretty centrally, so once I know that I can go through your various options. Also, what level of band are you looking for?
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  4. Simon_Horn

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    Re: Fulham Brass Band

    ....I don't think it would be hard to argue that Fulham Brass Band are the most central London band!! We practice 2 mins from Parsons Green Tube on the District Line and attract players from South, West and Central London.

    Please check out our website:

    We are a dynamic, sociable and freindly band who regularly invite newcomers to London to come and play with us. We are ambitious and perform to a decent level and improving. We are currently registered 3rd section and enjoy well attended rehearsals.

    We are planning to attend Leicester contest in November and the Butlins contest in early January. Also, we have an exchange trip to Hungary in planning for sometime early next year.

    We practice on Thursday evenings in the British Legion club on Parsons Green (see website for directions). If you would like to discuss further, please do give me a call.

    Simon Jones
    MD - Fulham Brass Band
  5. Jasonp

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    Staines Brass are just off the M25 at J13. Easy to get to by train from London Waterloo, but we do have one or two members that drive from central London so may be possible to organise a lift.
  6. dlkeir

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    Northfleetbrass, are also within the M25, rehearsing in bexley on thurs. eve's. Bexley is on the mainline from charing cross, approx 20-30mins with frequent trains, with the band room situated across the road
    northfleet is currently 1st section, down from champ.sec. 2 years ago, and now have a 2nd euph vacancy,
    Northfleet have a fairly busy schedule ahead, and are a friendly social band, and welcome all new players, if this is what your looking for, even if its just for 1 evenings blow, email us at

    Darren Keir,:hi
  7. martin smith

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    There is also Denham Hendon Brass that are 20 minutes away from Marylebone station by train to Denham. We are a first section band and rehearse Mondays and Thursdays. We are doing Folkestone and Butlins as well as the areas next year.

    We are a friendly, sociable band and very used to students as we have had help in the past from Guildhall students that find the journey very easy.

    Try us for a blow as well and we have a 2nd euph vacancy.

    Call or text me 07711 952117 or email


    Martin Smith
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    Tilbury Brass Band (2nd Section) are on the search for front row Cornet players. We are a 2nd Section Band in Essex who rehearse on Wednesday Evenings. Get in touch if you are interested.
    Call our Secretary Andrea on 07843 011144

    Sorry i meant to say Euph or Baritone player
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