Any bands need a cornet ?

Discussion in 'Recruitment Corner' started by Wonderstevie, May 9, 2017.

  1. Wonderstevie

    Wonderstevie New Member

    I recently moved to Ilkley, West Yorkshire, and I'm looking for a band to play with, happy to travel a sensible distance (30 minutes ish). I have played 2nd man down in 1st section bands but flexible on position but quite fancy a dabble on sop . .. Any advice ?
  2. 2nd tenor

    2nd tenor Well-Known Member

  3. Wonderstevie

    Wonderstevie New Member

    Thanks, I've had a look, I've been told Otley are pretty good, what about Silsden, Skipton or Haworth ?
  4. 2nd tenor

    2nd tenor Well-Known Member

    I don't live in that area though I have visited it many years ago. I'd be inclined to check out the local bands for yourself.
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  5. Warren

    Warren New Member

    There were a series of posts recently warning about the very poor treatment of players at Skipton. No experience myself of that band, but just thought you might like to be warned.
  6. refman8

    refman8 Member

    Uppermill Band based in Saddleworth just off the Holmfirth - Greenfield Rd ( A635) are looking for tutti and backrow cornets. Other positions negotiable Please give me a call :- John 07855 869295
  7. Earbyearl

    Earbyearl New Member

    I can confirm what Warren has said, Skipton brass have just taken on yet another conductor (they seem to change them like most of us change socks) . . I used to help them out a bit, but I would never go back , nor would many other local players.

    Otley is a good band, Andy the conductor is a top bloke and I'm sure he'd make you welcome. Failing that try City of Bradford with Lee Skipsy or Driglington, both are a little further travel but far better bands than your local area.
  8. Trombonemanjohn

    Trombonemanjohn New Member

    I enquirered about the musical directors position at Skipton brass a couple of months ago. The secretary who contacted me painted a very different picture shall we say, about the band. When I did some research with player friends (even some that had played for Skipton brass) I decided to remove my application. When I did I was sent a frankly quite rude email by the bands chairman accusing me of getting it all wrong.

    I posted a warning on here and eventually, I'm guessing, Skipton brass had it removed, but there were quite a few people who commented on problems they had also had with Skipton brass.

    My advice would be don't touch them with a barge pole, go too otley, a much better band.
  9. 2nd tenor

    2nd tenor Well-Known Member

    Harrogate band is near (ish) to you too, and as I recall did they well in the recent 1st Section regionals. The route from Ilkley to Harrogate looks like A roads the whole way so the drive there might not be too bad, easier to just stop off at Otley though and check them out first. Good luck with whatever you decide is best for you.
  10. Blades4Ever

    Blades4Ever Member

  11. Earbyearl

    Earbyearl New Member

    That sounds so much like their chairman, I know him from Settle band, not a particularly nice bloke, quite a few of Skipton brass are a bit weird. The woman who conducted them tries very hard but think it's a thankless task with the chairman and committee.
  12. Wonderstevie

    Wonderstevie New Member

    I have had a look at their website, seems very out of date. Not one picture of a full band though ? .
  13. Earbyearl

    Earbyearl New Member

    Thats because they don'thave a full band,they haven't had for quite a few years now,most of their playersare from Otley. Theyv'ehad good conductors and players but can never seemto keep them. It's a shame really they were once a very good band.Last time I helped them out there was only a euphonium, a bass player and a bass trombone player (I think all ex championship players) that could really the play, the rest seemed to be there for a day out or keeping the seats warm. From what I've heard at Otley the bass trom player has now left, which is a shame he was good.
  14. Watchful_Owl

    Watchful_Owl New Member

    I think you are being grossly unfair to Skipton and I saw that other post you put up which was in my opinion was liable and I'm glad skipton had it removed.

    I have only ever found them to be a welcoming friendly bunch of people who enjoy playing and want.... like every lower section band.... to improve because they know their weaknesses .....whilst doing a great job of entertaining the local people. They play some lovely places.

    Almost every chair is full now and players have a good time. The new conductor is young, musically talented and a breath of fresh air.

    Having cyber bullies like these people online do not help the confidence of players who are just starting out or who just want to enjoy their hobby. You should be ashamed to call yourself brass banders. We should be supporting the grassroots banding.... haven't enough bands folded? Whatever happened to "it's music that matters"??

    They have a spot for a principal cornet player or a sop if the original poster wants to make up their mind for themselves instead of listening to bigots.
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  15. 2nd tenor

    2nd tenor Well-Known Member

    I had a look at their website a few days ago but didn't think it too bad at all, pretty good really for a local Town Band. They don't have a full band but many Town Bands don't and still play on regardless, just enjoying themselves and providing a useful service to their local community. Their website shows vacancies for the Front Bench, Soprano, BBb and Bass Trombone; all of those positions are (IMHO) hard to fill and keep filled - particularly so for Community and 4th Section Bands.

    With your background of playing at a higher level you might find a more suitable home for your regular playing further from home (like Bradford or Harrogate) but why not go along to a local group in need of support and help them on a casual basis? I suggest that you see for yourself what they're like - comments from other people can be a useful guide but your experience might not match theirs - and what, no matter how casual or small, you can do to improve a local band.
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  16. Suziebabe

    Suziebabe Member

    Chapeltown (championship section) require a front or back row cornet if you are interested. We are just of J35 of the M1 so close to the motorway network. If you want more details drop me a message and I will only be too happy to help, cheers, Sue
  17. Plant pot

    Plant pot New Member

  18. Plant pot

    Plant pot New Member

    That's interesting @Watchful_Owl I played with them once and would never play with them again, you can't call honest and justified opinions "cyber bullying".

    As for new conductor, Adrian Lowes was a young, talented and musically gifted individual and he was treated abysmally by the band management.

    There are many, many local players who have had issues with Skipton. I myself have witnessed it as too has my wife and three other player friends of mine.

    Accusing people of cyber bullying is a ridiculous statement, telling the truth and giving and honest, accurate opinion is not bullying.
  19. 2nd tenor

    2nd tenor Well-Known Member

    It seems to me that someone or some people are intent on dragging a particular Band's name through the muck, using tmp to do it devalues this site and to me that's an unwelcome outcome. Tmp has recently become a much more pleasant place and those of us who post here regularly would like it to remain so.

    If anyone has any beef with any band then the way to sort it out is by face to face conversation with the individuals concerned. Damming anonymous messages (ones by new members with no real life name attached) really aren't helpful and they certainly could reasonably be viewed as some form of cyber bullying. Rather than attacking a Band why not be part of the solution to whatever the Band's problems are or have been?
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  20. Wonderstevie

    Wonderstevie New Member

    Im the original poster of this thread and who would have thought it could open such a can of worms.

    I have now found a band to play with near Bradford.

    @2nd tenor seems to have an opinion on every post that comes on here lol

    @Earbyearl and @Trombonemanjohn may not have put their points across very well but the information they have given does tally with the general feelings of some of the bands I've visited recently, some had ex skipton players in who had had similar troubles as the above named.

    @Watchful_Owl if you know skipton brass maybe you should inform them of these posts, and maybe they can look into fixing what I have found to be a very poor reputation (rightly or wrongly I do not know). Four local bands I've been too all told me not to go to skipton.

    Hope this helps put this to a close.

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