Any bands near Burton On Trent?..

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  1. I'm a keen kit player and would like to join somewhere ,get some experience and play with another band. I currently only drum for SA bands but want something to develop myself. I can't do any tuned sorry. I'm looking for a band perhaps section 3 or something , just so there isn't too much pressure at first. My availability in terms of week nights isn't very good which probably leaves me with less chance of anything. I can do the l every monday night except the first one of each month ,any wednesday night and I'm only available after 8 on Thursdays and Fridays due to working till then.

    Thanks for all those who pm'd last time but most were just not practical or mentioned tuned which I cannot do. I don't have any experience in a brass band ,so I thought section 3 or above ,just depends if anyone is willing to give me a go someowhere. I don't mind having a go in a decent training band etc.. , just want to develop my playing and get into playing in the brass band world. I practice ever day and would practice anything put in front of me.

    Thanks , pm ,email me with any ideas.
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