Any Bands? Doncaster area?

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by benjaminuk, Aug 9, 2009.

  1. benjaminuk

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    Shortly I am off 2 Doncaster to go a degree in Music Production and am looking for a brass band to play with while am out there. I currently play for Barnetby Silver Band and am looking for a second band which have rehersals in the week to get some more experience etc.
    I am a euphonium/baritone player, so is there any bands in the doncaster area in which I can come along and have a go to see if i like it.

  2. kierendinno

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    We are close to Doncaster (about 8-10 miles), and easily accessable by public transport from Doncaster Centre. Also, maybe closer to Doncaster is Armthorpe Elmfield, who are Third Section next year I think, Hatfield (who are top section) and I think Markham Main are Doncaster based too, adn they are Fourth Section... We rehearse on Tuesdays and Thursdays if thats any help, I'm sure the other three have websites as well :)
  3. benjaminuk

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    thanks, I will have a look for the websites and will consider which band is the best. What section are Thurscroft in and do you have an instrument i can use for rehearsals?

    Thanks for the help
  4. kierendinno

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    We're Fourth Section National Finalists. We do have a full band at the moment obviously in preparation for the Nationals, but we do have a spare baritone and a spare euph, and you'd be very welcome to come long when you can. We're quite busy concert-wise and would be grateful of any help lol :)
  5. benjaminuk

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    Ok thanks, just waiting upon contact from a band at the minute, but will consider you if contact fails :tup
  6. Kjata

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    40mins down the motorway to Black Dyke!!! ;)
    Trouble is I don't think they have any vacancies!
  7. TracyKeith

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    Hello from Frickley South Elmsall Brass Band, not sure what you are like for travelling a little further out of Doncaster but we are about 10mins away by train. We are in the 2nd Section and qualified for the National Finals in September at Harrogate. We do have a vacancy on the Baritone Line so if you would be interested in coming along we will be more than happy to meet you. You can email me direct on if you prefer..

    Look forward to hearing from you.