Any band treasurer's out there?

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Pythagoras, May 28, 2003.

  1. Pythagoras

    Pythagoras Active Member

    Due to political maschinations above my head, it looks like I might end up being treasurer after our forthcoming AGM. I will be shadowing our present treasurer for a while, but has anybody got any useful advice for the role?
  2. Keppler

    Keppler Moderator Staff Member

    don't sign anything.
    memorize the phrase "I have no recollection of that event"
    invest in a large collection of brown envelopes
    obtain contacts in the Caymen Islands.

    oh wait, you said useful advice... damn
  3. HBB

    HBB Active Member

    Make sure that you record absolutely everything ... and never sign any blank cheques .......
  4. IckleSop

    IckleSop Active Member

    can you count???? That might help!!!!
  5. sparkling_quavers

    sparkling_quavers Active Member

    oh Daniel poor u!!! :lol: :lol:

    advice = make sure you keep records of everything and keep all receipts. Also ensure you have a clear system for what money you can and cannot lay out. For example, if people can claim expenses (e.g. i know at dronfield students could claim petrol costs if they were giving lifts to other students) ensure that you have a clear policy to what and when they can claim (and stick to it!).
  6. NeilW

    NeilW Member

    I hear that Arthur Andersen are looking for work as auditors :eek:

    I'll second the "keep records and ALL receipts". Don't pay UNLESS there is a receipt. Write on the back of the receipt what it was for - particularly "till slips" (and the amount/date/payee if it is thermal paper - it fades!).

    Lastly, don't put off doing the books until just before the AGM - you'll never remember what things were for!

  7. yorkie19

    yorkie19 Active Member


    I could drone on for hours, but I won't. First and foremost, if you take the role on, you will need to change the signatories on any accounts the band has. Obviously you will need to be able to sign cheques, and if they need counter-signing, you will need to get other people added to the account as well. This process can be a bit of a ball-acher, but don't let it get you down.

    I spent a year as treasurer of a band in York before I left for pastures new, and as long as record everything as it happens (eg dep players, new music), you will be OK. Shadowing the current treasurer is a good idea as you'll get a chance to see the system in practise.

    The best piece of advice I can give is, don't be afraid to ask questions, either of the current treasurer, or other people that might be able to advise (I include myself in that).

  8. Kilted-Cornet

    Kilted-Cornet New Member

    Hi there,

    I took over as treasurer just before Christmas last year and it’s not been as bad as I thought it would be! I got through my first AGM without too many hassles (apart from the auditor nagging me about a few missing receipts!) My top-tip is to keep on top of everything. Every time you are handed some money, take a note of what it is and why you’ve been given it – especially if you’re handed it in the pub after a contest!

    Anyway, enjoy it, you’ll be surprised how much nicer your conductor will be when they realise who holds the cheque book... :D
  9. Phil Green

    Phil Green Supporting Member

    Buy a big A4 book.
    Have a double page per month.
    On the left write down your income
    On the right write down your expenditure.
    At the end of each month tie your records back to your bank statements and balance the 'book'
    Make useful notes on the page as you'll forget what "PG exps spec mile" means in 10 months time.
    Be consistent and make your dealings as transparent as possible.

    It worked for me!

  10. Pythagoras

    Pythagoras Active Member

    Thanks for all the tips.
  11. HBB

    HBB Active Member

    Well Good Luck ..... I'm glad I'm not in your shoes ... me and money don't really work!!!!

    Ben :D
  12. Curious

    Curious Member

    It's not that bad!

    If you have an accountant in the band get to know him or her very well!

    Biggest advice don't allow your conductor to think he or she really needs to spend £750 on music every contest!!
  13. picju96

    picju96 Member

    If you have an accountant in the band, make them be treasurer - worked in my dad's case!

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