Antique Mouthpieces

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    I've found an ancient Besson 5 mouthpiece (which I think is a cosy cup from what ive been told?!?!) and a Prototype C mouthpiece. Can anyone tell me what era these are from (roughly) and what they are comparable to in today's mouthpiece collection. Both seem a lot easier to play on compared to my new wicks, even though they look larger... brilliant!
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    besson had C1, C2 and C 3 C being for cornet. They also listed T1, T2 and T3. T being Trumpet range.
    this info from a very old catalouge, I'm not able to find a date but you could buy a 3 valve BBb Bass in Brass for 44.00 pounds with engraving and silver plate for an extra 20.00 pounds so I am thinking 1940's maybe even 1930's.
    The Boosey and Hawkes catalouge that is with it dates back to 1935 because it was the first one printed after Boosey and co joined with Hawkes and son.