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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by Seedhouse, Apr 24, 2005.

  1. Seedhouse

    Seedhouse Active Member

    My (pathetic!) computer has recently come under a barrage of viruses off the Internet, and my ('95 edition) of Norton Anti virus, isn't detecting them at all. Can anyone recommend any free av software on t'internet that I could get? I'm trying to get it all sorted before my Dad has chance to find them and blame me :confused:
  2. Naomi McFadyen

    Naomi McFadyen New Member

    AVG AntiVirus...

    Put it in google... get on the site... there's a free download....
  3. Kaspersky

    As someone who's worked as a computer technician, I would definitely NOT recommend getting the latest version of Norton. Some software that has gotten good reviews are:


    You will have to pay for them (that's typical) but they do the job. If your computer is already heavily infected, you may have trouble installing anything or doing any troubleshooting on your machine. Your only recourse may be to pull out your harddrive, install it in another machine, and scan that harddrive from the other machine. Then put the harddrive back in your machine. Install the software and scan again. Of course, if you don't have another machine, you may need to persuade a friend to borrow theirs--which may be difficult if he/she knows your harddrive is infected with viruses! But as long as you don't boot from that harddrive, or try to open any files on it, it will not affect the other machine.

    But from now on, you should definitely be careful what email attachments you open, and what files you download. It's estimated that 40% of files downloaded from P2P networking programs like Kazaa, Limewire, etc. contain viruses. So if you use any of those programs, definitely have a current antivirus software, with definitions always up to date to scan those downloaded files.

    But if your computer is acting quirky in ways such as your home page being reset, your computer browser is going places you didn't intend it to, you're getting annoying pop up adds all the time, or new, unexpected programs in your programs list, you're suffering from spyware. Unfortunately, you need a different program for this, but you can try two free downloads from called Adaware (sometimes not very effective, but it's free) and Spybot Search & Destroy. Between the two you may get good results, but there's no guarantee. If you're going to purchase one, I'd recommend Spy Sweeper. Spyware can be annoyingly difficult to remove, so let's just hope it's some viruses on your machine! The best way to avoid Spyware is to be careful what websites you go to, since you can be affected just by visiting a website. And a good antispyware program will block sites known to be bad. Also, NEVER, allow an install for a program you don't know anything about. Sometimes you will visit a website and a window will pop up asking you if you want to install such & such (perhaps "in order to view this site properly," or "this site requires that you install" such and such.) Never trust those. If a site requires, say, Macromedia Flash, go to Macromedia's website, don't install it from a pop up window.

  4. Get a Mac!

    Forgot to add one more thing: maybe you should just tell your dad that the computer is broken and get him to buy a Mac! Then you won't really have to worry about viruses, or spyware, or any of those (many, many other) retarded windows issues! At work, I fix crappy PCs, then come home to sit in front of my beautiful Mac. It's like taking a nice, warm shower at the end of a long day!

  5. mikelyons

    mikelyons Supporting Member

    Customer review

    Macafee rocks!

    (*You can tell I've thought deeply about this ;))
  6. drummergurl

    drummergurl Active Member

    yep i have that, had no problems at all for aaaaaages...

    also i would reccomend getting spybot... its completely free, type spybot into google, and download it. works wonders!
  7. Naomi McFadyen

    Naomi McFadyen New Member

    I wouldnt knock Norton for a second.... just keep it updated... !!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. mikelyons

    mikelyons Supporting Member

    Personally I'd knock Norton for 6! I've never had anything but problems with it even when it was pre-installed.

    It always seems to conflict with some software or other that I use a lot - usually music software - and trying to update either it or the programs it doesn't like has always brought my computers to their knees.

    Macafee never seems to conflict with anything.
    The first thing I usually do with a new machine these days is to expunge (eradicate, wipe out, destroy, efface) any trace of Norton from the system.

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