another sop player looking for a tutor!

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    I am looking for a Soprano teacher. I live in South West Scotland but i'm happy to travel for lessons. I'm new to the soprano (started playing it 4 months ago) but before this i played B flat and trumpet, I went to music college and i am a music teacher, but until I started brass banding again 6 months ago i hadn't really been playing regually for a while. I play for a 2nd section band and having listened to Images a few times (not seen the music yet, but have been listening to it alot!) I would like some lessons and some advice to find out if the practice i'm doing is effective or not.
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    Here are some exercises to help the arban page 44 ex 22 page 106 ex 9 page 140 ex 14
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    Nigel Boddice
    Bryan Allen
    John Gracie (principal trumpet at the RSNO, he gave me a lesson last year it was fantastic)
    (all three are at the RSAMD in Glasgow)
    Stephen Stewart (plays soppy for Kirkie)
    Gordon Jenkins (plays sop for the 'co see their website)
    Archie Hutchison (contact through Dalmellington Band)
    David Prentice (pc with Kirkie)

    Hope that helps,

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    Thank you both!