Another Sop for sale! Pristine condition! £530

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by brownrob, Dec 19, 2007.

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    I have a Besson Sovereign Eb Soprano Cornet for sale! :oops: See pics!

    Hopefully the parents are going to buy me a new Xeno for Christmas! Fingers crossed! Cant play 2 at the same time! :tup

    This comes in the brown plastic case, in great condition, the case is included, Ill get more pics up tomorrow evening

    Comes with 2 cornet mouthpieces and a Trumpet mouthpiece, this will take both! There is an adaptor for both types of mouthpieces

    Cornet: Unbranded mouthpiece (fairly deep cup) and Schilke 14A4x mouthpiece
    Trumpet: Besson 7c mouthpiece

    No scratches or dings, plays nicely with a full sound, easy upper register, the 14A4x also gives plenty of power and a cutting edge!

    Im looking for £530 for this (or slighlty less!). Delivery is Royal Mail Special Delivery, payment can be made by cheque (need it to clear) or via paypal etc

    Click the pics to see them in greater detail!

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  2. brownrob

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    oh, and its £25 for delivery to the UK (abroad Ill need to get a quote) also up for collection in person if you are going to be in Northern Ireland, if its any less Ill refund the difference with a cheque!
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    still for sale!
  4. brownrob

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    Should have a buyer for this now! Will update if all goes well!

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