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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by johnys, Jul 27, 2009.

  1. johnys

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    I have a Besson class A prototype Sop cornet circa late 1930s in pristine condition reconed early 1960s been loved and nurtured ever since should this now be pentioned off or reconditioned again
  2. Probably depends on how brittle the metal is. Does it still play ok? I played on one a few centuries ago and it always had a really thin sound . I believe I blew it apart if memory serves.
    I think if it was me I'd probably pension it offf and treat myself to something that sings a little easier.
  3. jrshimmon

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    I was give a 'Solbron' Sop of a similar age and a Getzen Circa 1970 to choose from when I took up sop a few months ago. I had a go with the Solbron and although it looked gorgeous once it had been polished. I had a couple of with its innards I was not happy about. I blew beautifully I just do not have the confidence in it for regular use. I just worried to much it was going to breakdown mid-performance.

    I would say from my experience if you do not have confidence in yjr instrument and you fear a breakdown taking place even after another recon then go out and treat yourself.

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