Another old euph......

Discussion in ' User Reviews' started by Highams, Feb 29, 2004.

  1. Highams

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    No not me, just another vintage euphonium now in my collection.

    A Highams of Manchester 4 valve non-compensating, 'Contesting' model, circa 1914 that has recently been replated.
    Note the very low postion of the 4th.valve !

    This will have it's debut in my recital on May 8th.
  2. Seedhouse

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    I'm going to try and see if I can pop along to your next recital, would be great to hear you in concert- just have to wangle it out of my parents to give me a lift down!
  3. Highams

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    Here's the intended programme;

    Dances With Europe, Seth Jervis (USA)
    movements 2 (France) & 3 (Ireland)

    Andantino for Cello, Lennox Berkeley

    Chamelion, Pete Peters

    Rhineland Reverie, Mike Sharp

    Daydreams, Ken Friedrich (USA)

    Be good to see you, and there's an excellent pub we go to just down the road from Pinewood Studios. (Afterwards of course)